Cover Image for “6’6″ LeBron James isn’t LeBron James anymore!”: Colin Cowherd had the worst take of all time ahead of the 2016 NBA Finals vs Stephen Curry

“6’6″ LeBron James isn’t LeBron James anymore!”: Colin Cowherd had the worst take of all time ahead of the 2016 NBA Finals vs Stephen Curry

Arun Sharma
|Sun Aug 14 2022

Colin Cowherd is one of LeBron James’ biggest supporters – but had the worst take in the history of the game during the 2016 finals.

LeBron James had the most legendary performance of all time dragging the Cleveland Cavaliers to a championship against all odds in 2016 – Colin Cowherd was not convinced he could do that. The man who has a LeBron stan up until that point was visibly dejected and lost all hope in the Cleveland man. And then it happened – the Super Saiyan awakened.

Down 3-1 in the 2016 finals, even the bookies were starting to give up on the odds. No one in their right minds would have ever thought one man would walk into a press conference wearing black sunglasses and a pair of air pods, knowing what he was about to pull out in the next 3 games. LeBron James was ready, and boy we were not.

Bron pulled 2 41 points back to back while recording the highest +/- in his entire playoffs runs at +26 in game 6. He was teetering around the precipice of a triple-double all the time, notching up impressive numbers apart from scoring. the then 2-time champion was exceptionally poor at taking 3s, but he hit .500 in the two elimination games.

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LeBron James showed the world just who he was – the best player on Planet Earth – Colin Cowherd was left with multiple eggs on his face

Colin Cowherd dared to call LeBron James ineffective at the age of 31 – if only he had a time machine to watch him now, back then. Even at the age of 37, he is dropping 50 points like it was a cakewalk. He will not have multiple 40-point nights?  in 2018, LeBron James led the league in 40-point games. In 2022, he was 7 points away from winning the scoring title.

He won’t chase you down for a block? Sir, LeBron Raymone James Sr. had the best block in the history of the finals, within a month after the episode aired. “Blocked by James!!!” is now an iconic chant, and yet the Herd dared enough to say he was past it. How can one diss a player so much, and yet call him the most impactful player in the league? He can’t go two minutes without contradicting himself.

LeBron will retire the highest scorer of all time. With 4 championships, 4 MVPs, and 4 MVPs to add to that incredible achievement, there is not a chance in hell anybody can say he’s past it. When Colin Cowherd says something wrong, it is monumentally wrong. He may be the guy who predicted the world would end in 2012. 6 years after his horrid prediction, James is still going strong.

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