6’7″ Luka Doncic humiliated Stephen A Smith, Devin Booker, and Chris Paul on the same night

Achyuth Jayagopal
|Published August 07, 2022

Stephen A Smith is one of the most high-profile names in NBA presentation.

The First Take host is a celebrity in NBA circles. Stephen A‘s popularity has even earned him the head coach status in the NBA’s Celebrity All-Star game.

However, popularity and quality of analysis need not be read together. Such is the case with Stephen A. The ESPN analyst has a long list of bloopers and failed predictions headlining his resume. Ridiculous takes have almost become Stephen A.’s MO.

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Someone who Stephen A. has really been wrong with his takes about has been Luka Doncic. The Dallas star is one of the most established youngsters in the league. However, Stephen A. doesn’t seem to be a believer.

During the 2018 Draft, when Luka was touted to be the #1 pick, Stephen A. had made a fuss on air. Looking back, it is safe to say that Stephen A. was extremely incorrect with his prediction regarding Doncic.

Stephen A. has since apologized for his bad take, but it seems that doubt in Doncic piqued in him yet again. And once again, the Slovenian superstar handed Stephen A. the L.

How did Stephen A. go wrong with Luka the second time?

With the Phoenix Suns and Dallas Mavericks about to face off in Game 7 in the 2022 Western Conference Semi-Finals, Stephen A. had to offer his opinion on live television.

Smith picked the Suns. And in particular, predicted Devin Booker outplaying Doncic in the series finale.

We all know what happened next.

Doncic dropped 35-10-4 on the Suns and blew Booker and his squad out of the Playoffs. The team with the best record in the league was eviscerated by the Slovenian’s offensive brilliance.

Stephen A. was left biting his words. Rooting for his countryman proved to be an unfortunate second falling for Stephen A when it comes to Luka.

Whether this comes from Doncic’s “soft” perception or not is unknown. But safe to say Stephen A. held up a major L yet again.

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