Cover Image for 7-footer Shaquille O’Neal left howling as Kenny Smith embarrassed Guinness record holder at his own game

7-footer Shaquille O’Neal left howling as Kenny Smith embarrassed Guinness record holder at his own game

Tonoy Sengupta
|Wed Aug 10 2022

When Shaquille O’Neal, Kenny Smith, and the rest of the Inside Crew had a record holder on the show

The Inside Crew likes to have fun. We don’t think that’s news to anyone.

During the NBA season, week after week we’d see the team of Kenny Smith, Ernie Johnson, Shaquille O’Neal, and Charles Barkley (please don’t leave the show, Chuck!) leave us in tears of laughter, while they carry on their ‘analysis’ of a game. Heck, the only 7-footer here may be the most guilty of this ‘analysis’ out of the whole bunch.

As you may know already, this show comes with a myriad of segments, with ‘Shaqtin’ A Fool’ being arguably the most well-known. And here we must say E.J’s Neato Stat of the Night deserves more credit.

Over the years, this segment has given us countless memorable moments from this show. And well, we are here to remind you of one such moment from this show’s long and absolutely hilarious history.

Let’s dive right in, shall we?

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Kenny Smith had the Guinness Book of World Records holder for 3-pointers, absolutely humiliated

To be clear here, this is the man who holds the record for the most 3-pointers made in a minute, with 31. And this is from the NBA 3-point line as well. That is impressive.

So, when House Of Highlights made sure he was on the show alongside ESPN’s Omar Raja, he had a chance to show off what he could against Kenny Smith. And heck, given that this man came kitted out, while The Jet was shooting in a suit, many even pegged this man to win.

But well… let’s say the word ‘disappointment’ doesn’t even come close to defining just what he was during the moment of truth. Take a gander at just what happened in the YouTube clip below.

To be fair, this man achieved more than any other average human being around the globe could even hope to do. And heck, if we were asked to do something on live, national television, we’d be surprised if we could even walk straight. So, we can’t fault the guy all too much.

But still, a fail is a fail. And this one is unlikely to be forgotten for a long, long time.

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