“A triple-double doesn’t mean the player played well”: Stan van Gundy indirectly criticized Russell Westbrook after another middling outing in a Lakers loss

Mahendra Pratap Singh
|Published 27/12/2021

After a horrible performance by Russell Westbrook in the Christmas match, many people, including Stan Van Gundy wasted no time on criticizing Westbrook.

The LA Lakers match against the Brooklyn Nets was probably the most anticipated game on Christmas night in the NBA. However, the team didn’t meet each other with full strength as Net’s Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving and Laker’s Anthony Davis were absent.

Even though the Nets are the 1st seed in the East, but the 7th seeded Lakers (in the West) seemed to have an upper hand considering they had more All-Stars than the Nets. But as the game played out, Russell Westbrook kept piling up criticism which just flooded from everywhere after the game.

Going with the same flow, former NBA coach Stan Van Gundy also tweeted out :

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How legitimate is Stan Van Gundy’s statement about Russell Westbrook?

Van Gundy is known to make headlines for his strong words throughout his NBA coaching years and beyond. But in this instance, he might be making sense. Westbrook averaged 13 pts, 11 asts and 12 rebs.

But his efficiency was the key to the uproar. He went 4-20 from the field and was -23 plus-minus. He was also criticized for missing a contested layup rather than passing it to open LeBron James in the corner for a 3 to tie the game in the last minute.

Due to the fast-paced game in this era, possessions per game have increased drastically, giving more opportunities to score and assist. And because of more 3 points attempts, it is easier for the guards now to rebound the ball. Nonetheless, no one can deny that it requires skills to get triple-doubles.

Westbrook bashing may not stop anytime soon but Westbrook’s seriousness also cannot be guaranteed. Russell has previously said that he’s ‘ok’ if the Lakers won’t win the chip this year.

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