“All these MFs crazy!! Life is bigger than some damn sports”: Damian Lillard and Shannon Sharpe thrash Gil Brandt for his comments on Dwayne Haskins

Akash Murty
|Published April 10, 2022

Damian Lillard and the NFL community criticize Gil Brandt for his comments on Dwayne Haskins on the day he passes away.

Pittsburgh Steelers star Dwayne Haskins died Saturday morning after being hit by a vehicle. According to some reports, the quarterback was driving to the airport to return to Pittsburgh when his car ran out of gas. He then reportedly stepped out of his car to cross the road seeking help, which is when a dump truck hit him.

The former Ohio State player was about to begin his fourth season in the league, in which the Steelers would give him the opportunity to compete for a starting job. And out of nowhere the Steelers and NFL community heard this tragic and unbelievable news.

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Gil Brandt, a longtime NFL executive, during a radio interview on NFL Radio, criticized Haskins for leaving Ohio State too soon and for doing ‘silly things’ like walking on a highway.

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“He was a guy that was living to be dead,” Brandt said. As soon as said did that, the NFL community jumped onto him for saying that at a time when nobody has even got the time to grieve his death. Damian Lillard was among some big names thrashing Brandt.

Damian Lillard and Shannon Sharpe shut down the negativity around Dwayne Haskins passing

The superstar of the NBA from Portland, Lillard came forward supporting 24-year-old Haskins, saying life is bigger than sports.

He was one among several others including NFL legend and Fox Sports analyst Shannon Sharpe who came forward to slam Brandt’s awful comments.

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The old man came to his senses and tried to apologize, but it was too late, unlike his comments which were too early.

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Even if there was something sensible in those absurd comments, accidents like these make family members go in shock who can never be ready to hear these kinds of things in their lives, but not this early at least, not on the day their loved ones left them.

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