Cover Image for Allen Iverson, who is to receive a $32 million pay day, nearly didn’t make the NBA because if a prison sentencing

Allen Iverson, who is to receive a $32 million pay day, nearly didn’t make the NBA because if a prison sentencing

Nithin Joseph
|Wed Aug 10 2022

Allen Iverson was ‘The Answer’ that the NBA needed. However, he nearly didn’t make it after receiving a 15-year prison sentence!

In 1996, Georgetown product Allen Iverson was selected with the first pick in the NBA Draft. The 6’0″ guard was an exceptional athlete with killer crossovers and quick feet.

Iverson spent 14 seasons in the league with four different teams, namely the 76ers, Nuggets, Pistons, and Grizzlies. His abilities inspired an entire generation of superstars, which comes as no surprise, seeing how successful he was.

With career averages of 26 points, three rebounds, and six assists per game AI managed to rack up a Most Valuable Player award, 11 All-Star appearances, and seven All-NBA selections!

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However, we may never have had the chance to witness what Iverson had to offer. Fortunately, he was able to avoid a massive prison sentence as a teenager.

A bowling alley brawl could have put Allen Iverson in jail for fifteen years, stopping him from reaching the NBA

AI was one of the greatest players to ever step onto the hardwood floor. However, he nearly didn’t make it to the big leagues after receiving jail time in 1993.

A brawl in a bowling alley nearly put Allen Iverson along with three of his friends in jail for 15 years. He was still in high school at the time, being only 17 years of age.

Coincidentally, Iverson was convicted of ‘maiming-by-mob’, a law meant to stop lynchings, but ironically, only the African-Americans involved in the incident were arrested.

A harsh reality for anyone to swallow. The former MVP’s story is a clear example of how racial discrimination could have derailed a career and life.

Allen Iverson has also been guaranteed a $32 million trust fund by Reebok, when he turns 55 years of age, on top of the $800,000 he receives from the company annually.

The defeat of discrimination truly marked the beginning of a blessed life for Iverson.

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