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‘Anthony Davis subtly reveals free agency plans on Instagram’: Lakers star provides an update on the 2020-21 season

Raahib Singh

Anthony Davis Free Agency : Anthony Davis not expected to sign right away, will make Lakers wait

Recently crowned Champion Anthony Davis accidentally reveals his free agency plan from Locker Room IG Live.

Does not knowing what Anthony Davis’ free agency plans are bother you? In that case, fret no more. Anthony Davis has been pretty confusing about his future, but has now gone onto reveal what he wants to do from next season on.

The 27-year-old was sent to the Lakers in a trade with the Pelicans. His initial contract expires after the end of the 2019-20 season. The Lakers offered Anthony Davis a contract extension back in January, which he rejected. It is believed that the big rejected the 4 years, $146 mil max extension to enter the free agency and secure a supermax contract.

Not soon after rejecting the extension, AD announced that he wishes to play with LeBron and the Lakers for as long as he can. Davis also has been very vocal about “Purple and Gold for life”.

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Anthony Davis reveals free agency plans

While actively diverting the free agency question from the press, the Locker room was a different story. Anthony Davis was caught on Quinn Cook’s Instagram live saying, “We’re gonna run it right back.”

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This statement is quite clear on its own. Davis is planning on going nowhere and staying with the Lakers. While, Laker nation was pretty convinced that AD would be going nowhere, hearing it from the horse’s mouth allays any kind of fears that may have developed over the course of the last season.

What all might keep Anthony Davis with the Lakers?

Apart from the fact that they just won a ring, there are quite a few factors that may help AD with his decision.

The biggest reason would be LeBron James. He has been a big brother to AD and has helped him a lot this season. He helped AD become a better athlete, and in turn, Davis had the best postseason of his career alongside LeBron.

The Lakers would obviously offer Davis a super-max in the coming offseason, with a probable player option in the 3rd year. Davis does have a $28.8 mil player option for next season, which he would opt out of, in all probability. This would make him an unrestricted free agent, helping him secure the best deal for him.

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