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“Austin Reaves saw the game through LeBron James’s eyes and experienced the matrix”: The Lakers’ rookie had his eye opening moment against James Harden and the Brooklyn Nets

Arun Sharma

"Austin Reaves saw the game through LeBron James's eyes and experienced the matrix": The Lakers' rookie had his eye opening moment against James Harden and the Brooklyn Nets

Austin Reaves is in the best possible team to facilitate his growth – playing with LeBron James definitely has its perks 

In the middle of the game, LeBron James took some time to coach the rookie about a play that the Nets were running. LeBron was super animated in explaining all the possible moves that could have happened. It looked like a lot for the youngster from Arkansas, because it looked all the information went over his head. You could say he was “Awe”stin Reaves at that moment.

Austin Reaves is being heralded as the second coming of Alex Caruso – the Lakers fans have to find something to hold onto in a horrible season so far. The Lakers are 24-24 currently, one day before Kobe Bryant’s anniversary. A shocking coincidence, but in some weird way, it looks like the Lakers played out the whole season to honor the Black Mamba.

It was a wholesome moment between the young buck and the league vet Twitter fans took it in their stride to have some light-hearted fun – a lot of LeGM directed banter. The Lakers are looking actively to end the trade deadline strong, and with performances like the one against the Nets, Reaves will not be one of them who might be traded.

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Austin Reaves has been a solid pick this season – The Lakers may have found a solid role player

A lot was expected out of Talen Horton-Tucker, but he’s been largely disappointing. However, Reaves seems to be picking up pace and confidence, putting in great nightly displays irrespective of the team’s form. Learning from LeBron definitely means his game will be improving not only during practice but in-game as well.

The man however looked stunned out there, not knowing how to take in all of that information.

A fan likened him to Tom Holland and his always surprised face, which actually holds up!

LeGM memes never get old, and this Twitter user picked the exact similar expression from Joey in F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Whatever happens, the Laker fans only want to see their team win, and when they are this passionate about something, they do tend to get carried away.

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Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma


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