“Big turnout for Chicago Sky WNBA championship parade today!”: Clay Travis slyly mocks Candace Parker and co for demanding that WNBA and NBA players be equally paid

Amulya Shekhar
|Published 21/10/2021

Clay Travis scored a few more points for the pathetic right-wing talking point about gender pay gap by mocking WNBA champions Chicago Sky.

It seems that the only job left for Republican party supporters is to make disingenuous points on social media. After all, this is a job that many of them seem to take exceeding delight in – making leaky arguments.

Clay Travis, Will Cain and Jason Whitlock are just a few of Fox News’ frontmen doing this disservice to humanity. They’ve become experts in manufacturing talking points out of nothingness.

Clay Travis, in particular, seems to take particular delight in making provably false statements to distort reality. He displayed yet another example of his disingenuous propaganda with his latest Twitter post this evening.

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“Big turnout for Chicago Sky WNBA championship parade today!”: Clay Travis

The Chicago Sky have triumphed for the first time in franchise history, beating Phoenix Mercury 3-1 in the WNBA Finals which concluded this past week.

They had a championship parade the day following this win, and the town of Chicago embraced it judging from reliable sources. Ratings for this year’s WNBA Finals are also up to 2017 levels, after which there was a sharp drop in interest.

These encouraging signs after a landmark victory would typically be greeted with some heartfelt compliments by nice people. But Clay Travis doesn’t seem to have anything to gain by gratuitously greeting a female sports team. After all, most who align politically with him seem to hate women and them progressing in society.

His most recent Twitter post is clearly aimed at mocking the gender pay gap between WNBA and NBA players. Anyone with a dash of deductive reasoning can understand the vile implications of his foul post.

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Now it’s obvious that paying WNBA and NBA players the same amount of money isn’t a sound financial decision. But the pettiness to bring that debate up after a championship parade is something only people like Clay Travis will do to score political points.

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