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Billionaire LeBron James dons hat of mimicry artist clapping back at heckler

Arjun Julka
|Thu Aug 11 2022

NBA superstar LeBron James did the perfect mimicry, clapping back at a fan for his unsavory comments.

No matter what he does, LeBron James continues to draw hate from a section of fans and media. There is no doubt that the King is one of the most polarizing players in the history of American sports. Drafted straight from high school, LBJ was thrown straight into the deep ocean.

Nevertheless, the former ROTY managed, and how, at the tender age of 18-years old, James was already a man. Even before playing his first game, the Cavaliers forward had cynics viewing him with a microscopic lens, courtesy of comparisons to Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson.

Despite the unrealistic expectations, James had answers for everyone, but this didn’t stop the haters or trolls, with some crossing all boundaries of decency. ‘The Decision’ chapter being the worst, with the former Heat superstar becoming an overnight villain, as Cavs fans burned his jerseys and thronged arenas to hate on him.

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Almost completing two decades in the league, a 37-year-old James has adopted a much more zen-like approach to dealing with the unruly fans. The four-time Finals MVP has humor and is tactful in unforeseen situations.

LeBron James hilariously claps back at a fan for calling him a big baby.

During a 2020-21 regular-season game, the Lakers were on the road to play against the Wizards in Washington. At the time, James was recovering from an ankle sprain and was out but took to the court in one of the timeouts.

Dressed in street clothes, the eighteen-time All-Star was seen at the sidelines when an unruly fan yelled the following.

“Hey, LeBron you’re a big baby!”

The message was loud and clear, given the limited audience capacity at the time due to COVID protocols. As the heckler yelled at James, a woman in the arena seemed empathetic, telling the fan in question,

“Don’t say that. That’s rude.”

However, James looked to be in a good mood, having a hilarious response to the heckler. The former scoring champion played the role of a perfect mimicry artist, pretending to cry like a baby.


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James is truly the ideal role model, having steered away from all controversies despite being provoked on a daily basis. Looking to surpass Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as the all-time scorer, the game will miss the King when it’s all said and done.

The only NBA player to be a billionaire after Air Jordan, James has not only invested his money wisely but inspired thousands with his social work and charity.

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