“Being friends with Michael Jordan definitely has its perks!”: When Mark Wahlberg got his own Jordan collaboration with the “Wahlburger” 4s

Arun Sharma
|Published May 21, 2022

Mark Wahlberg is only one initial away from being Michael Jordan – that and being golf buddies with Jordan got him his shoe deal.

The Wahlburgers is a famous burger joint/reality TV show with Mark Wahlberg being the most famous name attached to it. While they are doing great business, Wahlberg is doing good things for himself. And has some friends in the high circles, Michael Jordan is one of them. Known for his high-octane movies, being friends with MJ is not out of place.

The power duo heads out for a few rounds of golf from time to time, if their busy schedule permits it that is. Knowing Jordan, he most definitely would make space in his calendar for golf, if it involved a few bucks per hole.

Out of these friendly games of golf came the “Wahlburger” collaboration that happened on the 30th anniversary of the Jordan 4.  The shoe has a lot of tie-ins to Mark’s Boston heritage, with it being predominantly green. It looks like it was modeled on the Oregon Duck PEs, with all the green and black color schemes.

In the same year, he released a pair via raffle alongside the Entertainment Industry Foundation, with the proceeds going to those affected by the California wildfires.

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Michael Jordan has a collection of high society friends – not everyone got their collaboration like Mark Wahlberg

The shoe is so rare, that there is a chance that not even P.J. Tucker does not have them. There have been Oregon Duck PEs on the market, but there will rarely be one of these sold. Unless your last name is Wahlberg, or he loves you, you will not have one of the original 30 pairs made.

These shoes currently sell for upwards of $100k, and that is just insanity. Even Eminem x Carhartts, a piece that has more provenance sells for 1/5th of that. Just because the originally manufactured numbers were so low, these pairs are going for insane amounts.

Plus the fact that they look good, but that doesn’t drive the value up as rarity does. Playstation Cactus Jacks, Wahlburgers, and Air Mags. Maybe even the Paris dunks. These are the richest of the rich men’s sneakers that are in the holy grail status.

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