Cover Image for Billionaire Michael Jordan ditched 2 gold chains in favor of “Congo earrings” to exemplify his timeless style 

Billionaire Michael Jordan ditched 2 gold chains in favor of “Congo earrings” to exemplify his timeless style 

Jeet Pukhrambam
|Mon Aug 15 2022

Unless you are Michael Jordan the iconoclast, wearing hoop earrings is not for you. So how did the GOAT get to wearing them? Let’s find out!

Michael Jordan is the man whose name is synonymous with the game of basketball. When you think MJ, you think Bulls jersey, hands on knees, his head glistening with sweat, worn-out chewing gum in his mouth, and those shoes, the Jordans.

The imagery that Michael has set up for himself is nothing short of incredible. Everyone has seen an image of Jordan and to perhaps the same people, he is a living legend, a myth. But what about off the court? What do people think when they hear Michael Jordan after basketball?

The answer might contain a hoop earring, and yes, now that we have inserted that imagery in your head, you can pretty much guess it. Baggy jeans, an oversized t-shirt, and the hoop earring is MJ’s look of choice outside the court.

He has been a big champion of the gold hoop earring but it wasn’t always like that. He first started wearing it in the mid-90s and is still a big part of his look. But that was not always the case in the 1980s, young MJ sported a far different look.

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Michael Jordan used to wear two chains before switching to “Congo Earrings”

Yes, the young and high-flying Michael of the 80s used to sport two gold chains. Instead of rocking them throughout his career, he decided to switch up to the hoop earring, or Congo earrings as they are called.

He wanted his look to attract attention and yet remain a little understated. Instead of wearing more bling, MJ toned it down. A power move. Instead of heading towards the stereotype, he moved away and yet managed to carve a niche.

The iconic look came together when in 1996, he wore a gray suit, a collarless buttoned shirt, his pant leg spilling over onto his black shoes at the premiere of Space Jam. But, the most important part of his look was the hoop earring, which twinkled and added to the appeal of his shiny head. It was a purely intentional move.

But this look is reserved for only the greatest. Only MJ has been brave enough to sport it and Miami Heat superstar Jimmy Butler.

As a fashion trend, it might just make a comeback as this Twitter user suggested.

Another Twitter user likes the look and there might be a lot of them. MJ really made an accessory a fashion staple talk about starting a movement.

There might not be a fashion statement that can trump this. Michael knew what he was doing and through some clever imagery, he has made a lasting impression on the minds of those that have heard of his name.

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