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Billionaire Michael Jordan pissed Dennis Rodman off in the most satisfying method imaginable

Tonoy Sengupta
|Sat Aug 13 2022

Michael Jordan knew exactly what to do when Dennis Rodman came at him during his Pistons days

Michael Jordan. The greatest player to ever lace ‘em up.

During his Bulls days, this man showed the league what greatness at the highest level looked like.

A billion moments of triumph, backed up by a massive amount of blood, sweat, tears, and pain. Truly, the basketball career of MJ is the stuff of legend, that most storybooks wouldn’t be able to hold a candle to.

Taking a dive into a certain part of this journey, we dive into the Bulls’ rivalry with the Pistons. During a time when His Airness kept getting physically beaten down over and over again, before he was strong enough to take it. And we don’t just mean his strength.

Jordan once revealed the mind games he played on Dennis Rodman during his time with the Pistons. And it’s safe to say, the Hot Rod was left fuming in the worst of ways.

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Michael Jordan simply gave Dennis Rodman a taste of his own medicine during his bouts with the Pistons

Well, we must admit one thing. We may have used the term ‘mind games’, but frankly, a lot more was going on here.

But instead of explaining it ourselves, how about we let the billionaire Bulls icon do the talking?

Here is what Michael Jordan had to say on the matter, as per ‘Essentially Sports’.

“Rodman, I said, ‘Rodman, best defensive player? Jump your ass over here if you think you’re the best defensive player in the league.’ And that irritated the hell out of him.” He elaborated, “I’m trying to knock the hell out of Rodman. I’m telling Scottie to bring him off the screen—boom, I knock him. Rodman got pi**ed off because we were doing the same s**t that he would do. I knew I was getting to him.”

Given the games this man played with his opponents (we mean apart from basketball, of course), we wouldn’t be surprised if this man’s IQ goes higher than his hops did.

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