Cover Image for Despite losing $19.4 million, Steph Curry put millions on the line to start SC30 Inc

Despite losing $19.4 million, Steph Curry put millions on the line to start SC30 Inc

Samir Mehdi
|Sat Aug 13 2022

Stephen Curry lost millions of dollars in 2017 but this didn’t stop him from starting his own company named SC30 Inc. 

“I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man,” is something a lot of athletes have taken to heart in this new age of North American sports. Stephen Curry is a prime example of this as he’s invested in a bevy of companies while endorsing a dozen or so more. Seems as though legends like Julius Erving and Michael Jordan did truly did pave the way for superstars today with their business acumen. 

Stephen Curry is a bonafide superstar and has proven it yet again this year by winning his 4th championship and first ever Finals MVP. It’s incredible to think about how Curry is older than what Chris Paul was when the Rockets traded him away to the Oklahoma City Thunder for Russell Westbrook. 

With his superstardom, the Davidson alum has built quite the business empire for himself, earning over $40 million easily through endorsements alone. His contract with Under Armor rakes in hundreds of millions of dollars with him being the face of the brand all while establishing the Curry line of sneakers as one of the best hoop shoes out there on the market. 

Unfortunately, playing with big money also brings about loses of similar magnitude. This is what happened with Steph in 2017.

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Stephen Curry lost money in 2017 but started something new as well. 

After being severely underpaid for half a decade, Stephen Curry inked a monumental 5 year/ $201 million contract in 2017. This had him earning $34.7 million in 2017-18 but unfortunately, the greatest shooter of all time would have more than half of it stripped away from him due to strict California tax laws that had him earn merely $15.3 million for himself that year. 

Despite the heavy losses due to things like federal tax and escrow, Steph started his own incorporation named SC30 Inc that has been investing in a variety of companies such as Step, Literati, Oxigen, and Tonal. 

With the success of Curry’s brand being at the stage that it is currently, it’s safe to say that putting millions on the line with these investments has certainly paid off.

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