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Billionaire Michael Jordan’s 6 most important ‘GOAT’ souvenirs will be on display to the public for the 1st time ever

Nithin Joseph
|Wed Jul 27 2022

Michael Jordan is an icon in the NBA. He won six NBA championships and each of his title-winning sneakers will be on display very soon!

The world was introduced to one of the greatest athletes in sports history back in 1984. That was the year when Michael Jordan was drafted to the NBA.

MJ would later become the face of the league and basketball in general. In fact, his image was further enhanced thanks to his association with Nike, with whom he started the Air Jordan brand.

A brand that has produced over 36 pairs of shoes in the past 37 years. In fact, its success has seen it reach an estimated worth of $3 billion and has even extended beyond basketball, into the sport of football/soccer!

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In fact, Jordan wore a different pair of shoes every year he stepped on the court. Six of them will soon be on display, each of which he wore when he won a championship.

Michael Jordan won six NBA championships in six different pairs of Air Jordans, all of which will be on display very soon

His Airness has long been considered the GOAT thanks to the dominance his Bulls team displayed in the 90s. The team won six of the 10 championships in that decade.

Each victory was special for both Michael Jordan and the NBA world at large. Especially in the context of sneaker culture, seeing as how memorable the Air Jordan brand is.

In fact, MJ and sneakerheads alike will be given the chance to appreciate all six pairs that he wore in his title-winning seasons. Certified Sports Guaranty has obtained all six and will display them in Atlantic City from July 27th to July 31st!

It truly will be a sight to behold. Especially considering the historic value and culture that each pair represents. Any basketball fan will be lucky to be in attendance.

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