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“Bronny James is going to die in a car crash!”: LeBron James’ anger deemed righteous by Pacers fan after Lakers superstar got hecklers ejected

Tonoy Sengupta

"Bronny James is going to die in a car crash!": LeBron James' anger deemed righteous by Pacers fan after Lakers superstar got hecklers ejected

NBA Fan reveals exactly what side-line hecklers shouted to Lakers star LeBron James, before they were thrown out of the arena


LeBron James is finally back out there on the court! And if you were to simply see the face of a Lakers fan, you’d probably get a rough estimate of just how much joy they are bursting with, upon witnessing it. And it gets even better than that.

Under the leadership of the King, the Lakeshow got a crucial overtime victory against a competitive Pacers side. For his part, James recorded a stellar 39 points, 5 rebounds, 6 assists, 1 steal, and 2 blocks, while shooting 44.8% from the field, and 41.7% from three. In every sense, a very, very good return to playing basketball again.

But, his performance wasn’t the only notable event from this game. There was also a very different moment that he had with some opposing fans, that left everyone watching a bit confused at the time. If you haven’t seen the incident in question, take a look at the tweet below.

At that point, the specifics of what happened weren’t really known. All we did know is, the fans heckled the King in some way, and were ejected for it. And of course, as you’d expected many on Twitter chose to troll the Lakers superstar for it.

However, recently a fan, who was present at the arena shared what was actually said during the whole incident. And let’s just say, the truth will do more than just raise a few eyebrows.

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 Fan on Twitter reveals the topic of the taunts hecklers sent LeBron James’s way during game against the Pacers

When you’re a fan of an NBA team, and you finally get to watch them live in an arena, it is understandable to have the urge to cheer them on. Hell, even heckling the other team doesn’t seem so bad. However, there are lines that shouldn’t be crossed.

Talking negatively about a player’s personal life choices, his family and friends should clearly be far past what is accepted. Still, some tend to forget this (along with just general human decency, it seems) and dance across these lines, with the grace of an airplane falling to the ground. And thankfully, oftentimes it results in them being thrown out.

Still, oftentimes those not involved aren’t lucky enough to know all the details. This time though, we’re happy to say things are very different. Peep the tweet below.

Yep. Nothing less than disgusting.

We applaud LeBron James for taking such nonsense as long as he did. But more than that, we couldn’t be happier at his decision to finally take action against them.

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