“Bronny James is nervous to shoot!!”: LeBron James ‘heckles’ his own $10 million worth son in ‘Blue Chips’ game

Samir Mehdi
|Published 12/07/2022

LeBron James takes to his story to ‘heckle’ his son for being nervous, echoing the words of another heckler who was in the stands. 

LeBron James‘ genes in both Bronny James and Bryce Maximus have officially kicked in, with the latter’s showing an incredible increase in stature. Bryce has actually surpassed his older brother in height, standing at 6’4 in merely his freshman year of high school. 

Many have since compared Bronny to his younger brother and actually favored Bryce, claiming he has more potential than him. While this may or may not be true, it should be noted that Sierra Canyon senior is an incredible prospect with skills that are tailor-made for the modern NBA. 

Bronny had established one skill of his from the get-go and that was his innate passing ability. Just like his father has done so these past two decades in the league, he has shown his feel for the game by setting up his teammates with well-timed dimes on the break and in the half-court. 

Another skill that he has added to his arsenal over these past few years is his shooting ability off the catch and more importantly, on a pull-up.

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Bronny James silences hecklers. 

Being the LeBron James’ son means you have to be ready for an extraordinary amount of heckling and hate being hurled towards you every time you step foot on the court. The belief that he hasn’t truly earned his spot on the team is still prevalent. Luckily for this one fan, he got shut up by Bronny James almost instantly. 

During a recent game while repping the ‘Blue Chips’, Bronny was working on the left wing, trying to break his defender down with a couple between-the-leg dribbles. While doing so, a ‘fan’ yells from the bleachers that he’s nervous. Immediately after hearing this, James pulls up from deep. 

Of course, the ball went in, silencing the heckler. Lebron James was so impressed by this that he took to his story to post this clip and even echo the heckler’s quote, sarcastically poking fun at him. 


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Bronny will surely make the league at this pace and add to his $10 million net worth; hopefully playing with his father on NBA hardwood on the team.

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