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Charles Barkley Hilariously Uses Food Item He Used to Troll San Antonio Women to Announce 2025 March Madness Plan

Trikansh Kher

Charles Barkley Hilariously Uses Food Item He Used to Troll San Antonio Women to Announce 2025 March Madness Plan

Charles Barkley and the entire TNT crew had front-row seats to the NCAA-March Madness Finals between the UConn Huskies and Purdue Boilermakers. The two D1 programmes seemed evenly matched during the first half, with the halftime score ending at 36-30. The Huskies entered the second half with purpose, as UConn’s Tristen Newton paced UConn with 20 points, while Stephon Castle added 15 points of his own, ensuring that the Huskies closed out the Boilermakers with a comfortable lead.

The contest ended 75-60, as UConn got to lift back-to-back titles at the State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. Barkley and the crew made this season of March Madness truly memorable, leaving fans asking if Barkley would be back to host next year’s tournament as well. Posting a video of himself to his Instagram, Barkley captioned,

“Pheonix, it’s been fun. See ya’ll next year in San Antonio.” 

In the video, Barkley can be seen eating a plate of Churros, as the former NBA player can be heard saying, “San Antonio, guess who is coming to town”.

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Barkley and the city of San Antonio have a historied past, and most of that history can be traced back to one of San Antonio’s local delicacies, the “Churro”. While the dish originated in Mexican cuisine, Texas City enjoys its fair share of Churros. The NBA on TNT analyst noticed this, a few decades ago, and has never let the city of San Antonio live it down.

On every opportunity that Sir Charles has, Barkley is sure to bring up the “Big Ole woman of San Antonio” and the hypothetical ” Churros” that made them oversized. 

Charles Barkley and his history with the women of San Antonio

Charles Barkley has been publicly criticized for his comments targeting the women of San Antonio, but he doesn’t see what the fuss is about. Though he has clarified that his comments are nothing more than jokes, the 76ers legend hasn’t stopped with his jokes, even after multiple warnings from TNT producers and San Antonio fans.

In fact, Barkley even decided to troll the city during an episode of last year’s playoffs. While tasting some ‘Purple Churros’ on the TNT set, Barkley commented,

“I see why these women big in San Antonio, these things are good.”

Barkley didn’t just stop there, as he even targeted Spurs rookie sensation, Victor Wembanyama, during a trolling last year. While talking about Wembanyama as a prospect, Barkley said, during a TNT segment,

“He ain’t have to be worried about being skinny down in San Antonio.” 

While he might receive hate for his fat-shaming antics, the running joke about San Antonio has become a staple on TNT’s ‘Inside the NBA’. Even if Barkley does manage to get censored on air, Sir Charles has already debuted his joke on social media, and from the looks of it, the fans still enjoy his comedic genius.

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