“Charles Barkley, Pay a Little More Attention!”: Draymond Green Quips at $50 Million TNT Analyst Over ‘Lack of Shooting’ Remark

Raahib Singh
|Published December 21, 2022

The Golden State Warriors just suffered a 38-point loss at the hands of the New York Knicks. Playing without Stephen Curry, Andrew Wiggins, and a few more, the Dubs felt outmatched and outclassed. Draymond Green couldn’t bring the same effort as he did in Toronto, which significantly hurt the Dubs.

The Knicks handed the defending champions a 132-94 loss. They had six players score double-digits, with Immanuel Quickley leading the way from the bench. He scored 22 points, going 5 of 6 from the deep.

On the other hand, the Warriors were outmatched on all parameters. They shot 13 free throws, as compared to 32 by the Knicks. They lost the rebounding contest 47-29 and turned the ball over eight extra times.

Before the game kicked off, Draymond Green talked to Charles Barkley and the TNT guys.

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Draymond Green claps back at Charles Barkley over shooting comments

During the 2020-21 NBA season, the Warriors were eliminated in the play-in games. After that, Draymond Green was seen on TNT as a player analyst. He did a terrific job and got close to the guys on Inside the NBA during that time. Out of all, he mended his relations with Charles Barkley the most. From being at each other’s throats all the time, Green and the $50 Million analyst ended up becoming friends by the time he left the studio.

Before the game tonight, Charles Barkley was asking questions, and Draymond was on the hot seat answering the same. One question that seemed to throw the Warriors star off is when Charles Barkley talked about Green giving up open chances and not shooting enough.

Snapping back, Green said he’s been working on the same, and if Chuck saw the Raptors game, he would notice how Green had 17 shot attempts that game.

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However, it seems like amidst all that quipping, Green forgot to keep the same in mind. In the 38-point loss, Green only attempted five shots, making 3 of them. That is not what’s expected from Green, who needs to bring up his veteran leadership, especially when key guys are out.

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How can Draymond be a difference-maker in Stephen Curry’s absence?

Stephen Curry suffered a shoulder injury when the Dubs went on the road in Indiana against the Pacers. After an initial MRI, it was ruled that Steph would be out for three to four weeks. So far, the Dubs have played three games without their MVP, going 1-2.

In the one win, Draymond attempted 15 shots, scoring 17 points. While Steph is on the floor, Green can afford to give up shots. However, with Curry out, Draymond needs to contribute to the offense, especially the scoring as well.

If he and Klay can step up right now, the Dubs have a chance to float around the .500 mark till their MVP returns.

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