Cover Image for “Chet Holmgren has discovered tesseract, he could bridge space and time”: JJ Redick is in awe of OKC Thunder’s 7-foot wonder, compares him to Giannis Antetokounmpo

“Chet Holmgren has discovered tesseract, he could bridge space and time”: JJ Redick is in awe of OKC Thunder’s 7-foot wonder, compares him to Giannis Antetokounmpo

Akash Murty
|Thu Jul 21 2022

OKC Thunder is full of talent and is going to be one of the best teams in the NBA in upcoming years, Chet Holmgren and Josh Giddy will make sure of it.

Before the Summer League started there was a lot of talk about whether Chet Holmgren getting picked at number 2 by the Oklahoma City Thunder will work out for them or it will prove to be a gamble that went wrong.

During the drafts, Chet was even supposed to go at number #1 at some point in time, which obviously would have landed him in Detroit rather than Oklahoma but Pistons went on to select Paolo Banchero over him.

Holmgren’s physique played a much bigger role in that hesitance by the Pistons and those questions about him going this high in the draft. The 7-feet tall Gonzaga centre is not even 200-pound.

He will surely need to put in a lot of time in the gym but one thing that is clear for now is that the 20-year-old will not find it difficult to transition into NBA and dominate the league even now because as per JJ Redick that man might have discovered a tesseract as he looks like he could bridge space and time while playing.

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Chet Holmgren is a bridge between time and space according to JJ Redick, he also reminds him of young Giannis Antetokounmpo

That statement proved two things, one that JJ is deep into Marvel Universe and second, which most of us JJ stans already knew – he’s a basketball nerd and fanatic. Well, he didn’t stop there he went on to compare Chet, who is already being compared to Kevin Durant and Anthony Davis, to the Greek Freak.

“Watching Chet Holmgren in person was an experience. He’s got a confidence to his game. He’s got a competitiveness to his game, he’s got a really strong belief in self. Watching him move in transition, it reminded me of a young Giannis. I hate the comparison as Giannis is 1-of-1 and hopefully Chet will also be 1-of-1.” JJ said on his podcast.

This early comparison with some of the game’s greatest in AD, KD, and Giannis is because they were also slender, close to 7 feet and moved with the ball pretty well. But things that can separate him from them are his accuracy on both ends of the floor.

In four Summer League games, the young 7-footer has converted well over 50% of his field goal attempts, 40% of 3-point shots, and had 14 blocks. But it’s not the real NBA still, we would have to wait and see if he could do the same when the 2022-23 season starts.

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