“Come here Kevin Durant, I just wanna ask you a question!”: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar shares hilarious LeBron James meme as Lakers legend advertises his new blog on sport stories

Amulya Shekhar
|Published 19/09/2021

LeBron James and Kevin Durant were featured on a meme shared by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in an Instagram post.

If there’s one name that constantly crops up as the greatest big man of all time, it’s that of Kareem. He played for 20 long years in the NBA, winning 6 MVPs, 6 championships and a boat-load of accolades.

Since his retirement, Abdul-Jabbar has been one of the voices of reason in the knee-jerk world of sports media. This is a refreshing contrast from his playing days when he kept journalists at an arm’s length.

The Captain often writes columns for the Hollywood Reporter and the LA Times, to name just a few. One of his recent columns on Hollywood Reporter is a listicle on ‘Shows that Heal’.

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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar shares meme featuring Kevin Durant and LeBron James, promotes his new blog

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar made an announcement on Twitter and Instagram regarding his new blog on the rapidly expanding platform called Substack. In the caption, the 19-time All-Star wrote:

“If you want to see or hear my thoughts on the top sports stories each week please follow me for free Kareem.substack.com”

But the caption was hardly the catchy part of his post, which featured a meme on a wildly popular wildlife picture. The legend seems to have created his own meme in that format.

It is clear that Abdul-Jabbar is quite abreast with the latest pop culture and social media trends. And perhaps the septuagenarian’s views on the world today may act as a mood-booster.

Perhaps we’ll get in-depth insights later on in the season about what Kareem really feels about Kevin Durant and LeBron James? It’s never too much to hope for from a legend expressing enthusiasm about sharing his basketball knowledge.

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We’re hoping that the eternal captain-figure of the NBA shines a new light on the modern sports world through his eminently qualified and measured words.

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