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“Damion Lee for 3!”: Stephen Curry’s teammates have hilarious Twitter exchange as Lee announces impending birth of his baby with Sydel Curry

Samir Mehdi

“Damion Lee for 3!”: The Warriors star announces that him and Sydel Curry will be expecting a child in a hilarious Twitter message

Damion Lee announces that him and Sydel Curry will be expecting a child with a hilarious message on Twitter with JTA backing them up on it. 

It’s looking like the Curry family is soon to be flooded with a bevy of children that could grow up to carry on Steph Curry and his brothers’ legacies when they grow up to be teenagers.

With the aforementioned 2x MVP having 3 children of his own, including his youngest son Canon who looks very enthusiastic about playing basketball at all times, to Damion Lee now having a child as well, the Curry clan is chalked full of potential WNBA and NBA talent. 

For context, Damion Lee married Curry’s sister, Sydel Curry back in September of 2018 and fast-forward about 3 years and a congratulations is most definitely in order. Lee and Sydel take to social media to announce that the latter is pregnant and looks like she may be due in a couple months.

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Aside from the fact that this is an auspicious moment for them both, it is the way in which they announced the baby’s impending arrival that has NBA Twitter talking. 

Damion Lee and Sydel Curry release a hilarious message online to announce the latter’s pregnancy. 

Lee took to Twitter a couple hours to share an image of himself and Sydel with the caption ‘Lee for 3’ and a set of emojis that further confirm that the two are indeed expecting a child together.

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The caption of course, does not need to be reiterated or explained as it is very clear what he’s referring to when he says ‘Damion Lee for 3’. If it wasn’t apparent however, Warriors teammate Juan Toscano Anderson puts it into more layman’s terms and replies to the tweet by saying “Shooter’s shoot.”

On a slightly unrelated note, Damion Lee enjoyed a solid season alongside his brother-in-law Steph Curry. Though his scoring average dipped significantly from last season (12.7 to 6.5), he put the ball in the hoop quite efficiently, shooting an incredible 64% from 2-point range and nearly 40% from beyond the arc. 

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