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‘Dennis Rodman complimented Mourning’s a** during a game’: When Bulls legend’s weird trash-talk left Heat’s Alonzo Mourning absolutely baffled

Achyuth Jayagopal
|Sun May 01 2022

Dennis Rodman and Alonzo Mourning were two defensive stalwarts who often ran into each other in their quests for NBA Championships as part of the Eastern Conference giants Chicago Bulls and Miami Heat respectively.

The saying goes ‘There are no rules in war and love’ and Dennis Rodman, as extravagant as they come, decided to take it one step further. He incorporated some of his sweet loving in-game to distract a formidable foe in Miami Heat legend Alonzo Mourning.

Dennis Rodman, nicknamed “The Worm”, was a two-time defensive player of the year, and an eight-time all-defensive selection during his time as a player and was renowned for his unorthodox style of play. A mercurial figure, Rodman was a divisive figure and drew a lot of attention for his off-court shenanigans

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In a clip from one of Miami’s encounters with Chicago, Rodman is seen to be engaged in trash-talk with Alonzo Mourning, in which he was “eyeing” Mourning out in a “flirtatious way” and commenting on his “rear end”.

A clearly shaken Mourning is seen muttering “You’re sick and crazy” at Rodman who accepts the judgment with a bright smile of having gotten his toughest match-up in a game all riled up.

Rodman’s commitment to win regardless of how bad it made him look and his willingness to do the “dirty work” was key to Phil Jackson’s all-conquering Chicago Bulls.

How important was Dennis Rodman to Phil Jackson’s Chicago Bulls?

Dennis Rodman was arguably the best defender in all of basketball during his tenure as a Chicago Bull. Often regarded as one of the prototypes for positionless defenders, Rodman was part of the ‘Bad Boy Pistons’ of the late 80s.

After a disappointing spell with the San Antonio Spurs, he resurfaced as an elite role player and the perfect defensive foil for Phil Jackson’s Chicago Bulls. Along with Ron Harper, Scottie Pippen, and Michael Jordan, Dennis Rodman formed the core of an impressive defensive lineup that is often looked up to with great revere.

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Despite his off-field antics such as dating Madonna and marrying himself, Rodman was held accountable by Phil Jackson for his on-court actions and relied on him as the defensive anchor for his Chicago Bulls during the second three-peat post-Michael Jordan’s retirement.


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