“Despite recent slump, Anthony Davis is statistically Lebron James’ favorite player to pass the ball to”: AD continues to benefit immensely from Bron’s passing, 3 years into their partnership

Aman Jain
|Published December 28, 2021

Despite playing Small Forward, Lakers superstar Lebron James has the assists stats of a point god.

Lebron James is the pioneer of the point forward position. His court vision, with the size and speed, is a combination never seen before. In his glorious career, the former MVP has racked up 9,840 assists. This ranks him 8th on the all-time leaderboard. It is an impressive feat as he is the only non-guard in the top 10.

In his 18-year NBA career, James has suited up with more than 150 players. An interesting list ranking LBJ’s most assisted players emerged on the internet recently. Needless to say, he made the lives easier for a lot of players.

However, former All-Star center Zydrunas Ilgauskas tops the list. James dished out a whooping 785 assists to his former Cavs teammate. No wonder Zydranus joined the Former MVP in Miami Heat for his last season in 2010-11.

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Zydranus is followed by another Cavs teammate Kevin Love with 502 assists. All-Star PF Chris Bosh remains close behind Love with 481 assists. The mark of LBJ’s greatness as a floor general is reflected in the list. The top three are all big men. A combo of small forward and a big man is unique, to say the least.

Anthony Davis has benefited the most by sharing the floor with Lebron James

Anthony Davis joined Lebron on the Lakers in the 2019-20 season. The hyped couple wasted no time, winning a championship in their first season as teammates. No wonder after using further analytics based on the number of possessions shared reveals Anthony Davis as the player James sets up the most.

As expected, big men dominate the list even after the filters. Kevin Love is second on the list by some margin. He is followed by former All-Star Carlos Boozer. Next on the list is Chris Bosh. 5th on the list is a surprising name – Kyle Kuzma.

Despite playing just 3 seasons with Anthony Davis and Kyle Kuzma, they make the top 5. This is a testament to the former NBA champions’ versatility and adaptability.

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Lebron James is great in more than one way. While he is third on the all-time scoring list, he is 500 odd assists away from making the top 5 in this category. Could he end his career being top 5 both in career points and assists?

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