“Dwayne Wade is Something Out of Bridgerton”: Gabrielle Union On How Romantic And Sweet Heat Legend Has Been Post Retirement

Nithin Joseph
|Published September 28, 2022

Dwayne Wade announced his retirement from the NBA in 2019, and it would seem this has lit up the romantic within him!

The year 2019 was a special one for the NBA. Mainly due to the fact that two of the league’s greatest superstars announced their retirements.

Dirk Nowitzki and Dwayne Wade called it quits in 2019. Both men had amazing careers, but D-Wade edges out Dirk by just a little bit.

With three NBA Championships, a Finals MVP, 13 All-Star appearances, and eight All-NBA selections, Wade had a heck of career. As such, his jersey was rightfully retired a year later, hanging up in the rafters of the FTX Arena!

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However, many might be wondering what Flash has been like post retirement. Well, Gabrielle Union cannot believe how romantic her husband has been.

Gabrielle Union claims Dwayne Wade has been like a character out of Bridgerton post his retirement

All NBA players spend their entire careers focusing on one thing and one thing only, basketball. Which brings up the question, what do they do once they retire?

According to Gabrielle Union, NBA superstars get way more romantic. As seen with her own husband, Dwayne Wade.

Union claims that D-Wade has tapped into the romantic within him post retirement. Almost as though he is a regular Simon Basset from the hit show, Bridgerton!

“I don’t know who this guy is in retirement, but the happiest most romantic man…like he’s something out of Bridgerton!”

Nice to hear that Dwayne is really paying attention to the important people in his life post-retirement. Hopefully he continues to do so in the years to come.

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