Cover Image for “Gold digger for life!”: Bol Bol breaks up with Mulan Hernandez after Nuggets big man’s girlfriend posts suspicious message on TikTok

“Gold digger for life!”: Bol Bol breaks up with Mulan Hernandez after Nuggets big man’s girlfriend posts suspicious message on TikTok

Amulya Shekhar
|Sat Aug 21 2021

It seems that Bol Bol has been taking notes from the PJ Washington situation. The Nuggets big man broke up with girlfriend Mulan Hernandez recently.

Bol Bol and his ex-girlfriend Mulan Hernandez were spotted as an item during the 2020-21 NBA season. Hernandez even came to a Denver Nuggets game to cheer for her boyfriend this year.

Mulan also posted a few pictures wearing her boyfriend’s jersey on Instagram over the course of their relationship. But she’s now removed those shots from her social media – the most telltale sign that they’re no longer together.

This seems to be a rather sudden development for most people who’ve been tracking the couple. However, there were a few rumors that began spouting after Mulan’s latest social media posts.

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Mulan Hernandez shot to fame with her outfit pictures on Instagram, which she began posting last year. Barely 20 years old, Hernandez is currently pursuing a degree from Georgia State University. So she essentially began earning sizeable money as a college freshman.

Why did Bol Bol and Mulan Hernandez break up?

The removal of Bol Bol pics from Mulan’s profile caused a bit of a stir on Nuggets social media. Fans of the 7’2″ forward-center were taken aback when they found that Mulan had been lipsyncing with a rendition of ‘Gold Digger for Life’ by Queen of the Ratchet Chorus.

This particular clip was found on Tiktok 2 days ago, which is when all these developments began. It seems that Mulan had just posted that she isn’t pregnant. She cited the many things she wants to do in her life, and having kids at this time isn’t a top priority.

Perhaps this mentality regarding kids was a major breaking point for Bol Bol. Players around the league have been made wary of child support situations and the protracted legal battles around it with PJ Washington’s episode.

Neither Bol Bol nor Mulan should have much trouble finding the next loves of their lives. One is a multimillionaire athlete who’ll likely be playing basketball professionally into his 30s. The other is an Instagram model with endorsers pursuing her.


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