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Hawks Announcers Mock Giannis Antetokounmpo Days After Trolling Jayson Tatum

Advait Jajodia

Hawks Announcers Mock Giannis Antetokounmpo Days After Trolling Jayson Tatum

As expected, the Milwaukee Bucks clinched a comfortable victory against the Atlanta Hawks. With Trae Young and Jalen Johnson out for the contest, the encounter was a slightly lackluster one with only a few highlight plays. However, one comment from the announcer of the Hawks, trolling Giannis Antetokounmpo, has gone viral on social media.

Giannis Antetokounmpo is known for taking a long time while attempting his free throws. During the first quarter of the contest tonight, even before Antetokounmpo’s free throw routine began, the announcer didn’t shy away from making some nasty comments. Highlighting how the Greek Freak would often take more time than the designated 10 seconds to attempt his free throws, the announcer hilariously said:

“If you brought a book with you to the game, you could probably read a couple of chapters waiting for Giannis at the line.”

Immediately after the first free throw, the announcer went on to troll the two-time MVP even more.

“Next free throw, 15 minutes,” the announcer jokingly said.

Giannis eventually got the last laugh, as he finished the night with the best stat line in the Bucks’ 122-113 win. Playing without Damian Lillard, the forward was on the hardwood for a team-high 37:41 minutes and recorded 36 points, 16 rebounds, 8 assists, 3 steals, and a block, per

This isn’t the first time that the Atlanta Hawks’ announcer trolled the star player of the opposing team. Merely a few days ago, Jayson Tatum was mocked during the Boston Celtics-Atlanta Hawks. For his constant complaining and whining, the announcer hilariously compared JT to Caitlin Clark, who despite her greatness is infamous for arguing with officials frequently.

With the Atlanta Hawks going up against the Chicago Bulls next, we are certainly in for an entertaining bout and can also expect the announcer to be fully equipped with some jokes to troll DeMar DeRozan and co.

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