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With Playoff Seed on the Line for Pacers, Hawks’ Trae Young Reveals Plan Before Last Regular Season Game

Advait Jajodia

With Playoff Seed on the Line for Pacers, Hawks’ Trae Young Reveals Plan Before Last Regular Season Game

Trae Young often hypes himself with “another day, another opportunity” posts on X (formerly “Twitter”). However, the Atlanta Hawks leader did something very different on social media tonight. In a tweet, Young revealed that he would be preparing himself for the final game of the regular season by only listening to “diss records”.

The Atlanta Hawks are going up against the Indiana Pacers at the Gainbridge Fieldhouse for their ultimate game of the regular season. Despite the Hawks being a lock for the 10th spot in the Eastern Conference, Trae Young wants to push himself to enter the postseason with momentum on his side. Taking to X, Ice Trae revealed that he would pep himself up by being tuned in, listening to only “diss records”.

I’m listening to nothing but diss records before the game tomorrow

In all probability, Trae Young’s “diss records” tweet is a reference to the recent feud between rappers J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and Drake. Recently, the three megastars caught the entire music industry’s attention with their disses at each other.

The beef began when J. Cole claimed that the three rappers were the industry’s greatest during the song ‘First Person Shooter’, with Drake. Disagreeing with the compliment paid to him, Lamar dismissed the same by claiming that “motherf**k the big three, n***a, it’s just big me!” on the song ‘Like That’. As a response, Cole dropped “7 Minute Drill”, in a surprise album, dissing Lamar.

After being silent for all this while, it seems as though Drake has finally retaliated with a diss track of his own. A four-minute “leaked” song made rounds on social media. However, the authenticity of the same has been questioned. Some are even claiming that the song was created by artificial intelligence. Nevertheless, it is more than likely that the Canadian rapper will take action pretty soon.

Amongst numerous other fans, Trae Young is also one who seems to be enjoying the same. Using these diss records as a source of motivation, the 25-year-old aims to lock in and make it through to the NBA playoffs before making a strong run into the postseason.

A win for the Hawks will have no difference in their standings. However, the Georgia side has the power to spoil Tyrese Haliburton and co.’s chances of making the NBA playoffs. As of now, the Pacers are placed 6th in the East. However, having a 46-35 record, the Indianapolis side could finish as low as the 8th seed if they lose, plunging them into play-in tournament territory. However, a win would not just help them be out of the play-in picture, but could also potentially boost them to the 5th spot in the Eastern Conference standings.

The Hawks have a long way to go before they clinch a playoff spot. But if they do manage to enter the playoffs, they have enough postseason experience to orchestrate an upset. And again, Trae Young will probably be listening to all the diss tracks in the world to make sure he has the mindset to lead his team to the promised land.

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