“He Was Like LeBron James!”: Former NBA Star Jerry Stackhouse Lavishes Praise on Ex-Teammate Grant Hill

Nithin Joseph
|Published 23/11/2022

In this day and age, every young baller wants to be compared to one NBA superstar. LeBron James is very likely the first name on every player’s mind.

The King, in his prime, was the epitome of everything you would want to be. He had the size, athleticism, handles, scoring, defense, and much much more.

But, LeBron wasn’t exactly the first player to enter the league with the full package. If you ask Jerry Stackhouse, his former teammate Grant Hill was the real deal.

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Jerry Stackhouse believes Grant Hill’s play style is comparable to that of LeBron James

Grant Hill was, at one point, considered the next big thing. To the point where he was considered the next Michael Jordan when he was drafted in 1994.

However, according to Hill’s former teammate, Jerry Stackhouse, the 6’7″ forward had a more comparable game to LeBron James, a superstar who broke into the league years after Grant.

Stackhouse expanded on Hill’s greatness on the All the Smoke podcast.

“He was cold man, he was cold. You know, cause he was unselfish man. He was like LeBron, from the standpoint of he could handle the basketball, he looked to make plays for others, he could score at will, you can’t really keep him in front of you, of the bounce he can go out to the post and play…probably the only weakness you can say about Grant is defensively. And, then at the end of his career he goes to Phoenix and becomes a defensive stopper!”

Safe to say that Grant Hill was a player who was ahead of his time. After all, it’s not every day you get compared to The King when you started your career before him.

King James isn’t having a good time with the Lakers this season

All the comparisons aside, LeBron James is currently in the midst of one of his worst seasons in the NBA. His Lakers sit in the bottom half of the Western Conference, and he himself is having his worst shooting season ever.

If the Lakers are to have any chance this season, they may need LeBron to tap into his inner Grant Hill.

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