“LeBron James’ Athleticism Has Turned Into His Weakness!”: Skip Bayless Talks About Billionaire Lakers Star’s Latest Injury

Raahib Singh
|Published 22/11/2022

The Los Angeles Lakers, after a shameful 2-10 start to the season, have started to pick up some momentum. Having won three in a row, the Lakers now have a 5-10 record for the season. Their last three wins have come against the Nets, the Pistons, and the Spurs. The biggest thing for the Lakers is that they managed to win these games with LeBron James on the sidelines.

The King is playing his 20th season in the league and has been out for the last four games. LeBron has missed five of the last six games for the Lakers. He is suffering from a lingering groin injury, that has been a cause of concern for the last season and a half.

Today on Undisputed, Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe discussed the King and his injury status.

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Skip Bayless believes LeBron James’s best move is now his biggest weakness

Over the years, we had gotten accustomed to seeing LeBron James play 70+ games each season without breaking a sweat. However, as of late, it seems like Father Time is catching up to the Lakers superstar. Ever since he’s joined the Lakers, the max games he played was in the COVID-ridden 2019-20 season.

Talking about the same, Skip Bayless pointed out how LBJ’s biggest strength, his athleticism, may now be behind his injuries.

Skip may not be wrong. LBJ is still as explosive as he was 4 years ago. However, the biggest difference is that his body isn’t the same anymore. He’s 37 years old now and is about to turn 38 soon. In order to stay healthy and potentially play with Bronny, the King needs to slow down.

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Can LeBron chase down Kareem Abdul-Jabbar?

When the season started, there was no doubt in anyone’s mind about LeBron potentially passing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on the all-time scoring list. However, after seeing LeBron’s latest groin injury, there have been doubts rising.

LeBron sits at 37,311 points, whereas Kareem has 38,387 points. This means, LBJ needs 1076 points to tie, and 1077 points to secure the #1 spot all-time. With LBJ’s plans to play till Bronny is drafted, this milestone doesn’t seem that hard to achieve. However, the biggest challenge for the King would be staying healthy.

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