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“He’s Going to Be Somebody”: Kevin Hart Recalls ‘Predicting’ Jalen Brunson’s Future Years Before NBA Success

Shubham Singh

“He’s Going to Be Somebody”: Kevin Hart Recalls ‘Predicting’ Jalen Brunson’s Future Years Before NBA Success

While Rick Brunson’s NBA career is not etched deeply among NBA fans, his son Jalen Brunson has become one of the most deadly offensive weapons. Currently the assistant coach of the Knicks, Rick has the best seats to watch his son work his magic. In this interesting tale, comes comedian Kevin Hart, who claimed that he knew the Knicks PG was going to be one of the best offensive players in the NBA.

In a hilarious narration, Hart attributed the Knicks’ guard’s success to his words of inspiration back when the elite scorer was a kid. The rib-tickling tale on ‘NBA Unplugged’ summed up Hart’s profound sense of humor. The 44-year-old “recalled” how when the Knicks guard was with his father, who was in college, he was shooting “little mid-rangers”.

At the time, Hart claimed to have predicted that Rick’s kid would be someone special and that he was the reason why the Knicks All-Star became who he is today.

I yelled out — I don’t know if you remember this or not — but I said, ‘Rick!’ He said, ‘What up, Kev?’ … I said, ‘Hey man, that’s your little man?’ He said, ‘Yeah.’ I said, ‘I know what I know, and he gon’ be somebody,’ and look at you now,” Hart told Jalen Brunson.

This story sent the 27-year-old into splits. But the veteran comic didn’t stop there. He continued, “You take that moment away of me in the gym realizing your hard work, brother, you don’t get here. You don’t get here”. Brunson played along too and “admitted” that without Hart, he’d have “still been in college”.

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This hilarious sooth-sayer-style story reminds of a similar one where LeBron James was involved. James has repeatedly claimed to predict momentous instances in NBA history. There are several examples of LBJ pronouncing that he can foretell a major hooping event.

LeBron James cappin’

On January 21, 2006, Kobe Bryant mesmerized the hooping world by notching an 81-point performance. The unmatched outing remains the second-highest in NBA history. In one of the eye-brow-raising claims, the 4x Finals MVP declared that he knew Mamba would explode for at least 70 points before his 81-point game. 

Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

I watched the whole game, I seen the whole game. I was at home watching the game. Before the game even started I said he was going to score 70. I don’t know what made me say that. I am a fan of the game. So, to see that performance was unbelievable,” James revealed.

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Apart from egregious basketball claims, he makes head-spinning non-basketball proclamations too. He portrayed himself as a literature, music, and movie connoisseur, while not being able to back his positions. Once he claimed that he used to listen to Migos in his first year at Miami. However, Migos’ mixtape came out in August 2011.

It was released in the time frame succeeding his first season with the franchise. While social media has several times taken the case of LBJ and his claims, the King does have a knowledge base to make predictions in the basketball world. However, the same can not be said about his off-court claims. 

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