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“Hope Andrew Wiggins has the right information”: Stephen Curry speaks out on the Warriors star’s stance on not getting vaccinated against COVID-19

Samir Mehdi

“Hope Andrew Wiggins has the right information”: Stephen Curry speaks out on the Warriors star’s stance on not getting vaccinated against COVID-19

Stephen Curry puts in his two cents on Warriors teammate, Andrew Wiggins, not getting vaccinated against COVID-19 ahead of the season. 

Andrew Wiggins was the first NBA player to publicly admit that he wasn’t on board with getting vaccinated. Late March of this year saw him say that he would only get the COVID-19 shot if he were forced to do so, but preferred not to do so. 

It was implied by Andrew Wiggins that his religious beliefs were at play in his decision to not get vaccinated but when asked directly about his reasoning, he claimed that it was none of the reporter’s business. It’s safe to say that him and Kyrie Irving are currently in the same boat as of today as neither have definitively revealed as to why they aren’t hot on the idea.

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Stephen Curry was asked about his teammate’s controversial stance on the vaccine and the 3x champ took a fairly diplomatic route in his answer. 

Stephen Curry claims that he is vaccinated but shows love to Andrew Wiggins. 

In all fairness, coming out as someone who is anti-vax isn’t easy, especially when you’re an NBA star. Andrew Wiggins has held his ground for over 6 months and despite his take on the vaccine being unfavorable, it is somewhat nice to see Stephen Curry support his teammate in this. At least in terms of Wiggins doing his research on the shot. 

During the Warriors media day, Curry was asked about GSW’s defensive wing’s stance on the vaccine and the 2x MVP showed his support for him, claiming that it was a personal decision. He would then go on to say he hopes Wiggins has the right resources and the right information with him.

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The Golden State Warriors are looked at as a team that can be a top 3 seed in a loaded Western Conference. Andrew Wiggins will certainly play a large part in that as he plays off Draymond Green on the perimeter on the defensive end of the floor. Him missing 41 home games wouldn’t be ideal for them to say the least. 

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