“I Ain’t Getting a Haircut for $300!”: Patrick Beverley Explains the Ridiculous Situation of Barbers for NBA Players Today

Tonoy Sengupta
|Published 01/11/2022

Patrick Beverley must be one of those players in the highest spirits right now, right? After all, he and the Lakers did just record their first win of the season. And better yet, it came against a very good Nuggets team.

Game after game, fans were forced to see this franchise struggle to score points in even the simplest of ways. However, with the team now finally having some positive momentum behind them, perhaps they can ride this wave into the next game as well.

But, despite these good things finally taking place for the Lakers, Beverley is apparently still not happy. And it’s for a much weirder reason than what you might expect.

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Patrick Beverley refuses to get another haircut due to the audacity of barbers

NBA players are on TV practically every other day, with countless fans watching on and idolizing them. So, suffice it to say, a large majority of them want to look good doing it.

Due to this reason, players often end up calling barbers to their houses, so that their hair can keep looking fresh.

Not a bad plan, right?

Well, it wouldn’t be, if it weren’t for one little fact about the matter. And we have to say, it’s far worse than most would think it to be.

In all honesty, Patrick Beverley most certainly needs a haircut. However, if it’s going to cost that insane an amount, his decision to grow his hair out starts to make a lot more sense.

For his sake, we hope Beverley finds a barber with sensible prices soon.


How are the Lakers’ next 5 games looking?

While the Lakers finally have some good momentum behind them at the moment, it doesn’t appear that it will last very long.

In just their next 5 games, this team is set to face the likes of the Cavaliers, Clippers, and even the Pelicans, all of which are quality teams.

In all honesty, the only games they have a chance to win in during this stretch, are the two against the Jaz. And even those wins aren’t guaranteed by any stretch.

LeBron James and the crew may have finally gotten their first win, but they aren’t nearly out of the woods just yet.

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