“I Applaud the Grizzlies”: Charles Barkley Praises Memphis For Suspending Ja Morant Despite Adam Silver’s Delay

Nithin Joseph
|Published 11/03/2023

Ja Morant made headlines recently and for all the wrong reasons. The 2019 Rookie of the Year is under fire for two reasons, both of which involve brandishing a gun. Things have gotten so bad, that not only has he decided to take a step back from basketball, but his team, the Memphis Grizzlies are insisting on it.

According to reports, the Grizzlies have suspended Ja for a minimum of four games. A move that has gained a lot of positive attention. Even NBA legend, Charles Barkley is singing their praises for taking action before the league.

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Charles Barkley praises the Memphis Grizzlies for taking action on Ja Morant before the NBA

The whole situation with Ja Morant and the gun, and the child he punched has gotten out of hand. To the point, where many are calling for action to be taken against the superstar guard. Well, Ja’s team, the Memphis Grizzlies took action, suspending the two-time All-Star for four games. A decision that was taken much quicker than expected, and before the NBA and Adam Silver could.

While the league is yet to pass judgment, they probably will soon. But, in the meantime, the Grizzlies are receiving much praise from the media. Especially, former NBA superstar, legend turned analyst, Charles Barkley who has applauded the franchise for its quick action.

“He punches a kid and pulls a gun on a kid. And then you see him in a nightclub on his own IG Live, flashing a gun. And, you just said it yourself, what the hell is up with this kid? Now you see he’s…I don’t know words you want to use…suspended, timeout, he’s away from the team…gonna be away from the team. I applaud the Memphis Grizzlies for not waiting on Adam Silver and saying, ‘Naw! You need to go right now!'”

In all honesty, Sir Charles is right. Most NBA teams stand on ceremony, waiting for the league to make a decision for them. But, the Memphis Grizzlies did the right thing in this case and have set the precedent for the rest of the franchises.

Memphis Grizzlies are still supporting Ja despite all the controversy surrounding him

It’s pretty clear at this point that Ja Morant has trotted down the wrong path. But, despite suspending him, the Memphis Grizzlies still believe in their franchise player. Most recently, the team’s head coach, Taylor Jenkins, came out in support of Ja, stating that the team still “loves” him and will do whatever they can to support him.

It is quite obvious that Ja’s actions were boneheaded, to say the least. Nevertheless, the Grizzlies have it right, he is still a young player, and both the team and NBA fans alike will be hoping he returns to the league as a better human being.

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