Cover Image for “I don’t need Zion’s 45-inch vert, I have it already!”: Luka Doncic hilariously puts his bounce alongside Zion Williamson at Jordan event

“I don’t need Zion’s 45-inch vert, I have it already!”: Luka Doncic hilariously puts his bounce alongside Zion Williamson at Jordan event

Samir Mehdi
|Sat Jul 09 2022

Luka Doncic claims that he already has that Zion Williamson type bounce in his arsenal and thus, does not need it. 

Luka Doncic has proven time and time again that he only ups his game when the Playoffs arrive. With an average of 32.5 points a game in 3 postseason runs with the Dallas Mavericks, it’s clear that the Slovenian superstar deserved every last bit of his 3 All-NBA and All-Star selection at merely 23 years of age. 

Zion Williamson on the other hand, while he did average 27+ ppg on 60% shooting in his first full season with the Pelicans, hasn’t been truly battle tested yet. Regardless, David Griffin and company didn’t waste any time in getting the former no. 1 overall pick signed onto a 5-year max rookie extension that could be worth up to $231 million.

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With the way both Luka Doncic and Zion Williamson play, there is absolutely no parallel between their game. However, the one overlap that they do have is the fact that they are both Jordan athletes. 

Luka Doncic on what he would want from Zion Williamson’s arsenal. 

Luka Doncic has been quite busy as of recent in leading Slovenia through the World Cup Qualifiers. While doing so, Slovenia has accepted to partake in the iconic Quai54 event which led to a Jordan brand press conference being held prior to its commencement. 

The brand’s youngest superstars, Luka and Zion, were the main interviewees as they were being asked questions by YouTuber, Harry Pinero. One question that was asked to the Mavericks All-Star by Pinero was what he would take from the Duke alum’s offensive arsenal.

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Doncic, who has gained a knack for being quite quippy, hilariously said, “I have the same bounce so I wouldn’t take the bounce. But nah, the speed and the bounce are unbelievable.”

One of the most apparent aspects of Luka’s game is that he isn’t all too quick on his feet nor does he have a jaw-dropping vertical. Zion however, has the entirety of his game defined by the fact that he can blow past any single defender he chooses and raise up with his 45-inch vertical.

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