“I had to check their temperatures and make sure they were cool”: Lamar Odom reveals an altercation anecdote between Lakers legend Kobe Bryant and rapper Master P

Advait Jajodia
|Published 08/04/2021

Lamar Odom reveals how the rapper Master P and legend Kobe Bryant got into a standoff during a practice session for the Lakers.

Kobe Bryant is one of the hardest workers in the whole league. In his long 20-year successful career, Kobe kept on preaching about the benefits of “Mamba Mentality”. Clearly, looking at his illustrious resume, one can say that the mentality that drove him during his playing days, was prosperous.

We’ve heard stories of the legend Bryant, due to his competitive spirit, coming into brawls with opponents and even with his own teammates during practice.

Former NBA champion Lamar Odom reveals an interesting story of his teammate, Black Mamba getting into an altercation with famous rapper Master P.

Lamar revealed how during the Lakers practice, people used to randomly show up. Once, the New Orleans-based rapper Master P came into the facility. Odom revealed the awkwardness between the two, due to which a fight nearly broke out. He said:

“You gotta understand, these are two alpha males and their own, in with what they do. Awkward. You feel me? So, I’m from the street so I can peep it.”

“So, I’m tryin’ to just read it, but it was awkward. It wasn’t like, getting in the middle but I’m just gon’ check both of they temperature and make sure they cool. The energy was just off between them.”

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Kobe Bryant spoke about the so-called altercation years after it occurred

According to the rapper, the two icons almost got into a fight. He also added that Odom had to cool it off between the two. Years after the alleged altercation, Kobe Bryant stated he didn’t have any recollection of any event.

Back in 2018, Kobe revealed it on the Jim Rome Podcast, how he doesn’t remember anything about it. The 18-time All-Star revealed:

“Yeah, what is that? Dude, I don’t even know what the hell that is. I have no idea what he’s talking about. I literally do not remember that.”

“Granted, I played for a very, very long time. I just don’t remember it. I’m not calling him a liar or anything like that, that’d be something tough to make up. I just don’t remember it. … Maybe L.O. remembers it or something like that.”

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In his two-decades-long career, the Hall-Of-Famer must have had several such arguments with many opponents, teammates, fans and even celebrities. Although, the ego and pride that the Mamba used to play with, this story could be highly believable.

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