“I ignited the crowd and the team with my ejection”: Kevin Durant talks about his ejection after pushing Kelly Olynyk, igniting a 11-0 run led by James Harden

Joe Viju
|Published 01/11/2021

Nets’ superstar Kevin Durant thrown out the game after elbowing Pistons forward Kelly Olynyk in the head in a convincing win over the Pistons.

Just a few nights ago, Kevin Durant was seen throwing the ball into the stands in frustration. Per NBA rules, that action warrants an automatic ejection. However, KD remained in the game, and later, officials admitted to making a mistake.

So, Kevin Durant was already on a short leash with the officials. So, when Durant was called for the foul after pushing through Pistons’ Kelly Olynyk on a screen, it was quite evident what was going to happen. The 11x All-Star was seen extending his arms at Olynyk’s head and neck area.

After watching the play, it does seem like he hit Olynyk in the head with his right arm. However, the Pistons forward did exaggerate it a bit and officials instantly bought it. Check out the play here:

Upon review, the foul was deemed ‘unnecessary and excessive. KD was slapped was a Flagrant 2 foul and was thrown out of the game. However, the Nets didn’t require Kevin Durant’s services as they came out on top with a convincing117-91 victory over the Pistons.

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Kevin Durant speaks out about his ejection after shoving Kelly Olynyk

Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant’s night was cut short against the Detroit Pistons after he was ejected from the game for shoving Kelly Olynyk late in the third quarter.

Post-game, KD talks about the incident in question –

“I tried to run through the screen. That was just a result of me trying to blow the screen up. From looking at it at the tape, it looked like I extended a little bit. I was just trying to blow the screen up, fight through, it is what it is.”

As he suggested, there were no ill intentions behind the play. Despite playing only 27 minutes, he put a game-high of 23 points. Check out his post-game interview here.

KD takes credit for the 11-0 run and praises All-Star teammate James Harden.

Soon after KD left the game, the Nets went on an 11-0 run with James Harden assisting on all five baskets. The Beard stepped up in Durant’s absence and finished with 18 points, 12 assists, and 10 rebounds for his 59th career triple-double. He’s now tied for second all-time in league history for triple-doubles with Larry Bird. KD goes on to say –

“I want to take credit and say I ignited my team and my leadership was the reason why they were able to go on that 11-0 run. So I ignited the crowd with me getting kicked out and my team.

“But James is a controller of the game, he understands the game, puts people in good positions. It’s not a surprise he can take us on a run so fast.”

Firstly, the throwing the ball into the stands incident. Now, with the Kelly Olynyk shoving, it seems like KD is a bit frustrated and on edge with all issues surrounding the Nets team this summer. Hopefully, he gets back into the right headspace and leads this Nets franchise to a championship.

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In conclusion, with James Harden back on triple-double alert and Kevin Durant making buckets, as usual, expect the Nets to be dangerous and go on a winning streak in the immediate future.

They face Trae Young and the Atlanta Hawks next in a tough matchup. However, one can bank on Kevin Durant and James Harden to lead them to victory.

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