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“I Will Go To My Grave With That”: Reggie Miller Vows To Never Switch His ‘GOAT’ From Michael Jordan To LeBron James

Advait Jajodia

"I Will Go To My Grave With That": Reggie Miller Vows To Never Switch His 'GOAT' From Michael Jordan To LeBron James

Despite being one of the many long-time rivals of Michael Jordan, Reggie Miller has often showered the Chicago Bulls legend with lofty praise. Miller has also dubbed MJ as the GOAT on numerous instances over the years. However, the TNT analyst took it one step further and vowed that he would never consider any other player (LeBron James in particular) as the GOAT over Jordan.

Reggie Miller came off as the biggest Michael Jordan fanboy during an appearance on the Come And Talk 2 Me podcast. While giving his two cents on the GOAT debate, the sharpshooter made it crystal clear that His Airness was his pick for the same argument. He doubled down by boldly stating that he would “go to his grave” with this take.

“To me, Michael Jordan is the greatest player. I will go to my grave with that,” Miller said.

Soon after Mark Jackson’s son – Bluu –  revealed LeBron James as his pick for the conversation, Reggie Miller had a polite response. The Indiana Pacers legend revealed the significance of the generational gap. According to Miller, Bluu didn’t know MJ like Mark and he knew. Hence, Miller didn’t try to sway Bluu’s take.

“I can understand that because they don’t know MJ how you and I know MJ. They know LeBron, that’s their era and I get it,” Miller didn’t argue with Bluu.

The Hall-Of-Famer concluded the topic by comparing the two players during his time in the league.

“I only played against LeBron his rookie year and he’s developed into a great player, but I didn’t see that development. Mike and I, even though he’s older than I am, we locked heads a lot,” Reggie said.

Not giving LBJ his due just because Reggie Miller didn’t play enough against him seems unfair. However, having played against MJ for 56 games across 15 years, it is understandable why Miller would come off as a bit partial, favoring Jordan.

In only his rookie season, Reggie Miller learned that it would be best not to trash-talk Michael Jordan

Reggie Miller joined the NBA three years after Michael Jordan did and would instantly become the latter’s arch-nemesis. For the next 15 years, the two competed hard against each other. Even though MJ was the better overall player – more points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks – Miller always gave him a tough fight.

During the 1998 Eastern Conference Finals, Miller and the Pacers even forced the Bulls to play seven games. Because Phil Jackson’s boys played their first Game 7 in almost 10 years, several analysts believe that the Pacers were the greatest test in the East to the Illinois side since the “Bad Boys Pistons” in the late 1980s.

Despite always expressing his love for MJ, Miller did once narrate an incident when he didn’t respect the former on the court. During Reggie’s rookie year, upon listening to one of his teammates, he decided to talk trash to Mike. Once MJ was done demolishing Reggie Miller, the latter would make it a point to never heckle the “Black Jesus”.

I was like, “You know what? You’re right. Michael, who do you think you are? The great Michael Jordan? That’s right, there’s a new kid in town.” He kind of looks at me and starts shaking his head.

 So, at half, I have 10 (points), and he has four points, right? I’m doing all this talking, he’s like, “Okay.” End of the game, in the second half, he ended up with 44, and I end up with 12.

So, he outscored me 40 to two. And as he’s walking off he’s like, “Be sure, and be careful that you never talk to Black Jesus like that. Okay?” Okay. I’m so sorry, Black Jesus. I’m so sorry,” Miller said.

A majority of the players from the 1980s and 1990s have numerous stories similar to this one. Such tales that highlight Michael Jordan’s competitiveness justify him being in the forefront of the GOAT debate despite being retired from the league more than two decades ago.

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