“If Michael Jordan didn’t go hit curveballs, he would probably have 8 rings”: Tim Legler describes MJ as GOAT, says Bulls legend is the only player who never took his foot off the gas

Akash Murty
|Published May 08, 2022

Michael Jordan is Tim Legler’s GOAT he believes that the 90s Bulls would’ve won 8 rings if MJ didn’t retire after the 1993 championship.

Nobody who knows basketball counts Michael Jordan outside their top-2 at the very least, even if they think either LeBron James or Kobe Bryant or Magic Johnson were better.

Their argument also would’ve burnt down to nothing had Jordan not retired multiple times in his career. But comparison brings out competition at the very least. And the standards that His Airness set in the 90s is and always will be THE bar to catch up to, whoever desires to be the best at basketball.

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One of the best pundits of the game currently and a former NBA journeyman sharpshooter Tim Legler recently joined another former sharpshooter JJ Redick on his podcast Old Man and The Three and talked about Jordan’s dominance.

“No, we didn’t. Number one, it was just a complete given. I tell people all the time, I played literally from 1990 in the NBA to 2000, 90s, that’s my decade. Jordan went six rings. If he didn’t go hit curveballs for two years, he’d probably have eight. So, every year of my career, basically they won.”

Michael Jordan is the Greatest Player of All Time for Tim Legler and it’s not changing anytime soon

Legler went to length to speak about how he has no doubt and will never have any while talking about the GOAT at basketball. He continued,

“So, for me, even back then, it was just a given. This is the greatest player of all time. Now, obviously, with all these years later, 30+ years later, people want to make that into a debate. It still isn’t for me.”

“I guarded him a lot. I guarded those teams a lot, I know what that looked like. For me, it was that. It was what he did as a basketball player, and he’s the only guy I played against in my life that never took his foot off the gas.”

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One might call it a biasedness towards the greatest players he played against. Like the players from the 80s or before considering Kareem Abdul-Jabbar or Wilt Chamberlain better, but several players from all generations have MJ on top.

So, that pretty much sums up and clears the cloud around GOAT but when and most importantly, how could someone overtake him are the two questions that will remain the biggest talking point in the league for years to come.

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