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“It Got Real Sun Roofish Back There”: LeBron James’ Hairline Has Kevin Hart Comparing It To A Convertible During Lakers In Season Final

Samir Mehdi

"It Got Real Sun Roofish Back There": LeBron James' Hairline Has Kevin Hart Comparing It To A Convertible During Lakers In Season Final

Similar to Peyton and Eli Manning’s ‘Manningcast’ broadcast for the NFL, Kevin Hart has received his own ‘NBA Unplugged’ broadcast for the inaugural NBA In Season Tournament Final. Hart, being the comedian that he is, used this opportunity of live commentating to hilariously go at LeBron James and his hair.

Having been in the league for over 2 decades, James’s hair has been a topic of contention due to the receding nature of his hairline. The Philly native didn’t shy away from bringing this to the forefront yet again as he was calling the 2nd quarter. “It got real sun-roofish back there,” were Hart’s exact words, words that were heard across the world by millions of fans tuned into the IST Final.

Kevin didn’t stop there when it came to roasting LeBron James. Prior to taking a dig at his hair, he would call out James for flopping in the first quarter. Bron, who has built up a reputation for having rather exaggerated reactions to contact plays, according to Hart, did so yet again.

Kevin Hart has roasted LeBron James before

It should be noted that Hart and James are great friends off the court so this was nothing the latter probably hasn’t heard from him behind closed doors. This is also not the first time Hart has taken a dig Bron’s hair as he did so in his stand up comedy as well.

“LeBron James, real good friend of mine. Well, he was. He hasn’t heard this joke yet. We’ll see what happens. I remember in the beginning of LeBron career, he was going bald. His hair was real thin up top. You could count the hair on top of his f**king head. You know how I know that because I was the one counting the hairs on top of his f**king head. One! Two-ish-ish?”

This is fairly recent from Hart. He’s been making fun of James and NBA players in general for years on end. Perhaps his most famous clip in this realm of comedy was when he made fun of Shaquille O’Neal for the way he falls while he was on the Cavaliers and how LeBron was tasked to pick him back up.

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Samir Mehdi


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