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Jamal Crawford Goes Into Why Kevin Durant’s Phoenix Suns Can Once Again Challenge For the WCF

Siddid Dey Purkayastha

Jamal Crawford Goes Into Why Kevin Durant's Phoenix Suns Can Once Again Challenge For The WCF

After a tough regular season, the Phoenix Suns have progressed to the NBA post-season as the sixth seed in the Western Conference. Though the Suns haven’t been the most consistent team in the league this season, many veterans, including Jamal Crawford, believe that Kevin Durant and Co. might even progress to the Western Conference finals. Though the Suns showed signs of struggle through the pockets of this season, he has enough reasons to believe in the team.

Crawford had previously shown confidence in the Suns after witnessing the incredible chemistry between the Slim Reaper and Devin Booker, especially with the off-ball offense. Though that chemistry seemed to dwindle slightly in the middle of the season, they were back in rhythm right before the playoffs. Furthermore, Crawford believes that adding veterans such as Isaiah Thomas and the presence of KD, Booker, and Bradley Beal brings experience and leadership to the roster.

In a video posted by a Phoenix beat journalist, Duane Rankin on X, Crawford backed the Phoenix squad, “It sounds crazy now, but I picked them before the season to be able to challenge for the Western finals and now I’m back on that train.  I don’t think I ever left it, but they’ve given me reason to believe they can make a run.”

Jamal Crawford seemed impressed with KD, Booker, and Beal leading the way for the team. Previously, Keyshawn Johnson and Paul Pierce also put their trust in the Phoenix Suns to reach the WCF. After ending the season on a respectable 6-2 run this year, the Suns look like a worthy contender for going deep into the playoffs.

Will the Suns survive against the Timberwolves in the playoffs?

The Suns will be playing against the third-seed Minnesota Timberwolves for the First Round of playoffs. Ahead of this series, Durant expressed his thoughts about this matchup. An excited KD said that the Suns will stick to their regular schedule and practice hard to play against the Wolves.

Mandatory Credit: Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

About the Suns’ preparation for this matchup, Durant added, “I don’t think anything changes around this year. Even though the stakes are higher and its the playoffs. I think I stick to my team that help me get to this point and see what happens.” 

Despite their lack of comprehensive successes throughout the season, the Suns maintained a brilliant record against Minnesota. They have defeated the Wolves thrice, sweeping the regular season series. Given their proven record against the Wolves, the Suns have significant offensive advantages over them and could even clinch this series.

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