“Jason Williams is on some primo W**d cos no sober guy would drop Kobe out of their top 5 Laker list!” : J-Will vehemently supports his argument about Kobe Bryant not being top-5 in the Lakers All-time list

Arun Sharma
|Published March 11, 2022

Jason Williams had a hell of a career – but playing professional basketball doesn’t always make you right.

Jason Williams is synonymous with flashy passes – his style may or may not have been the inspiration for the titular character in the Japanese sports anime Kuroko No Baske. He was not just flash, because those passes were accurate and got the job done with extreme efficiency. He even won a championship with the Miami Heat alongside Shaquille O’Neal and Dwyane Wade in 2006.

However, the achievements and accolades stop there. While he made for great TV, Kobe Bryant was larger than life. A lifelong servant to the Lakers franchise, Kobe was synonymous with Los Angeles. Kobe was the basketball version of Will Smith in the Fresh Prince – born in Philadelphia but loved in Los Angeles and the world over.

Kobe brought 5 championships to the Staples Center. An achievement that is nothing short of legendary. Everybody in LA experienced basketball vicariously through him – and yet J-Will feels he should not be in the top 5 of the Lakers franchise. Kobe easily has all the credentials to be Numero Uno on the list – bar Jerry West since no one can argue with the Logo.

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Jason Williams always got cooked when he played against Kobe Bryant – that may be why he doesn’t acknowledge him to be top 5

The White Chocolate was drafted 2 years after Kobe Bryant – but he was a couple of years older. Whether he was jealous of him nobody can tell, but no one likes their juniors showing them up. By the time J-Will had one championship, Kobe had a three-peat and a hall of fame legacy. Number 8 had one-upped Williams in every step of the way. The only time he ever came close to saying he had done Kobe over was in the 2005-06 season.

If Kobe were alive today, he would take it in his stride – sporting a wide naughty grin while reading about this. He was someone who loved a challenge, and this was the ultimate test. The response would have been cheeky, yet classy – Because Kobe was that way.

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Picking Larry Bird to beat anyone even today isn’t blasphemous – but not picking Kobe to be better than LeBron James in purple and gold – sacrilegious

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