Cover Image for “Joel Embiid can’t do that to 7-footer, Shaquille O’Neal!”: Sixers star draws flak after humiliating amateur

“Joel Embiid can’t do that to 7-footer, Shaquille O’Neal!”: Sixers star draws flak after humiliating amateur

Tonoy Sengupta
|Wed Jul 27 2022

NBA Twitter can’t stop laughing as Joel Embiid absolutely humiliates a common man during his precious offseason time

Last season may have looked like the most hopeful up to a certain point, it’s ending was hardly very satisfying for him.

James Harden wasn’t himself, Joel Embiid was left all by himself, partially injured, and well, it resulted in them getting bounced out in just the second round.

With all that on his mind, you’d expect him to be working his butt off in the gym. However, back a few years ago, it appears JoJo was a lot likelier to play with some fans.

Only problem is, that it appears that he forgot that these men have families they have to go back and show their faces to.

Confused? Well then, let’s dive right into it, shall we?

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NBA Twitter reacts as Joel Embiid styles on a common man, before windmill dunking on them

Joel Embiid is one of those players that is routinely disrespectful with his play in the NBA. So, you’d best believe this man was always going to bring the same energy to any game outside of it as well.

Unfortunately, there always has to be a victim of this style. And well, we are here to celebrate him… just alongside the play that made him a victim in the first place.

Take a gander at the clip in the tweet below.

And as we said, NBA Twitter couldn’t help but go insane.

And of course, alongside those reactions, there was this little one as well.

The NBA community truly never changes.

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