‘Joel Embiid is figuring out how dominant he can be’: Ben Simmons is bullish about his teammate’s dominance and his MVP chances based on this year’s performances

Advait Jajodia
|Published February 26, 2021

We can attribute the dominance of Joel Embiid this season to his realization that he can physically dominate his opponents, according to Ben Simmons.

After a tragic 4-0 sweep against the Celtics in last season’s playoffs, the Sixers have entered this season guns blazing. On Thursday night, the Sixers hosted Luka Doncic and the Dallas Mavericks.

Joel Embiid led the Sixers to a win over the Mavericks, who were looking to go on a real win streak. After the game, Ben Simmons stated how the Sixers would love to finish the season as the number one seed. He said:

“We don’t want to drop, we don’t want to be second, third or fourth. We want to be first, we want to be the best seed. What comes with that? You get to play the eight. We’re looking forward at keeping it. You know, we want to keep playing hard and staying focused”.

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Joel Embiid continues to enjoy the support of Ben Simmons 

A huge part of the Sixers’ successful 2020-2021 campaign has been the MVP level at which Joel Embiid has been playing. The Cameroonian center has caught the eyes of many, showcasing that he can lead a team to the number one seed in a conference. Ben Simmons also stated how he hasn’t seen anybody who could stop his All-Star teammate. The 24-year-old said:

“I think he’s (Embiid) realizing. It takes time. He’s figuring out how dominant he can be. He came into the season in great shape. He’s been taking care of his body and he’s been giving us everything.”

“He continues just to get better, especially with his passing and his patience. He lets the game come to him a little bit more now. He’s just been dominant. I haven’t seen anybody who can stop him. I don’t know if you have.”

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Philly are being counted as real contenders this season after their great start to the season. They now have the best record in the Eastern Conference, winning 22 games and losing 11. Embiid has been averaging a staggering 29.8 points, 11.3 assists and 3.1 assists per game.

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