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Klay Thompson Girlfriend 2023: Laura Harrier, Abigail Ratchford and Others Linked to Warriors’ Star

Raahib Singh

Klay Thompson Girlfriend 2023: Laura Harrier, Abigail Ratchford and Others Linked to Warriors’ Star

Klay Thompson is one of the biggest names when it comes to the Bay Area. The Warriors’ superstar has not only brought fame to the franchise, but helped Stephen Curry put the Bay back on the map. Klay, along with Steph, have revolutionized the way the game of basketball is played.

Thompson has not only set quite a few three-pointer records, but also holds the record for the most points in a single quarter: 37. He’s an invaluable piece of the franchise and is slowly returning to his pre-injury form.

While his co-stars Stephen Curry and Draymond Green are married, Klay is a free-bird. The 33-year-old sharpshooter spends his downtime on the open waters with his trusted partner, Rocco. Here is all we know about the Warriors’ star’s dating history:

Klay Thompson and Laura Harrier(2018-2020)

The Warriors star has been known for dating many models and insanely beautiful women. One of them is American Actress Laura Harrier. The two reportedly started dating in 2018, when they were seen attending a Dodgers game together(Klay’s younger brother Trayce plays for the Dodgers). After that, the two started posting each other on their Instagram.

In April 2019, there were rumors about trouble in paradise. The two were reported to be broken up, but those rumors were quickly squashed as the couple was seen together in public. There were videos of Klay partying with other girls making rounds on Tik-Tok. This led to Laura calling quits on the relationship in July 2020.

Since then, she’s deleted all her posts with Klay from her Instagram, and he’s done the same.


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A post shared by LAURA HARRIER (@lauraharrier)

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Klay and Kristene Evangeline(2022)

Ever since his breakup with Laura, Klay has not really been associated with a lot of women. Going through two tough rehabs is very difficult and it must have strayed him away from a dating mindset. This was, however, till July 2022.

After winning his 4th NBA Championship, Klay was spending time in LA and on the water. He was seen dropping Instagram model Kristene Evangeline at the airport.

“I saw Klay Thompson drop off Evie Kristine aka krisdreamz at LAX this past weekend,” claimed an anonymous source.

Even though there is no actual confirmation of this, this does sound like something Klay would do.

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A post shared by Evie🪬 (@krisdreamz)

If they had something going out, the pair decided to keep hush-hush, because neither follows the other on social media.

Klay Thompson and Eiza Gonzalez(2019)

In 2019, when he was rumored to be on a break with Laura, Klay was linked to yet another famous celebrity. He was rumored to be associated with breakout actress, best known for her roles in Baby Driver and Godzilla vs Kong, Eiza Gonzalez.

According to sources, the two went on a romantic dinner date,

Klay and Carleen Henry(2018)

Before getting together with Laura Harrier, Klay Thompson was linked with celebrity hairstylist Carleen Henry. The two were seen in public a few times, but Klay never made the relationship social media official.

Now, despite knowing how private a person Klay is, Carleen was seen leaking DMs and revealing her relationship to media houses. This did not sit well with Klay, who dumped her and moved on to Laura Harrier.

Klay Thompson and Abigail Ratchford(2017)

In August 2017, Klay Thompson was rumored to be linked with Instagram model Abigail Ratchford. She started the gossip chain by posting on Snapchat about the Warriors star.

However, things between them came to a swift end when she posted Klay’s dog, Rocco, on her social media, without his permission.

When asked about the photos, Rocco, and being associated with any supermodels later, Klay replied and said,

With Rocco? Oh, no no no no no. [I’m] just being good. I’m just trying to find a wholesome lady out there. That’d be nice,” the 32-year-old replied.

Ouch, that was brutal.

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Klay and Cherise Sandra(2016)

In 2016, Klay Thompson was linked with L.A. Rams cheerleader Cherise Sandra. She sprayed her name on his patio and put an Instagram post about it, which was soon deleted.

However, it didn’t take Klay long to refute the fact that he wasn’t dating her.

Klay Thompson and Tiffany Suarez(2015)

In 2015, just after breaking up with Hannah Stocking, Klay Thompson was in Brooklyn for a game. After beating the Nets, the Warriors star was seen going out for a dinner date with Fordham basketball star Tiffany Suarez.

She had put up a post on Instagram with the caption, “Thank you for an amazing night @klaythompson,” but the same has been deleted since.

Klay and Hannah Stocking(2014-2015)

Klay Thompson got together with YouTuber Hannah Stocking in 2014. The two were known for dating for over a year. There were quite the media sweethearts, despite Klay’s affliction of being a private person.

However, in 2015, Stocking caught Klay cheating on her and broke up with him. She also put a post(deleted) with the caption, “When you catch ur man naked in bed with a groupie….lol @klaythompson.”

Anyways, that brings us to the end of Klay’s brief dating history.

As of now, there is no information on who his girlfriend in 2023 is, but as soon as there is an update, you know we’ll report it.

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