“Kyrie Irving is just as courageous now as Muhammed Ali was”: Jason Whitlock controversially compares the Nets star’s civil disobedience to the boxing legend’s strife with the US military

Samir Mehdi
|Published 13/10/2021

Jason Whitlock says that Kyrie Irving has shown a level of athletic civil disobedience on par with what Muhammed Ali showed in the 60s. 

Kyrie Irving has been called several things ever since his stance on the COVID-19 vaccination was released to the public. ‘Courageous’ is certainly not one of the words that was used to describe the Brooklyn Nets star; at least not up to this point. 

It’s become very well known by now that Kyrie Irving is currently unvaccinated and isn’t looking to change that status any time soon. In light of this revelation, Nets General Manager, Sean Marks, released a statement yesterday that claimed Irving would not be allowed to play or practice with the Nets until he could be a full-time participant.

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This of course, has NBA fans divided. some claim the vaccine is a personal choice and give props to Kyrie for standing his ground while others point out that he’s going up against basic science and jeopardizing the health of everybody he gets in contact with. 

Jason Whitlock and his controversial take on Kyrie Irving. 

Jason Whitlock recently published a piece on how black men like Kyrie Irving, Kwame Brown, and Dave Chapelle are leading the charge in men ‘coming out of the closet’. Essentially giving them props for not going the LeBron James and Colin Kaepernick route and instead firmly standing up for the vastly unpopular opinion.

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In his article, Whitlock quite controversially compares what Kyrie is currently doing to what Muhammed Ali did in the 60s when he refused to sign up for the United States military when it was mandatory for men over to 18 register. 

“Irving’s noncompliance could be the most courageous form of athletic civil disobedience since Muhammed Ali refused induction into the United States military,” wrote Jason Whitlock. “Unlike LeBron James, Colin Kaepernick, and other China-beholden American influencers, Irving isn’t crowdsourcing his actions through Twitter’s rigged algorithm.”

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