“Lakers, no disrespect but y’all need help”” Michael Beasley calls out LeBron James and co for losing to Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving-less Nets squad on NBA Christmas

Samir Mehdi
|Published 26/12/2021

Michael Beasley takes to Twitter to say that the Los Angeles Lakers need help during their loss to the Brooklyn Nets on NBA Christmas. 

The Los Angeles Lakers have had quite the underwhelming season so far. Without having even stepped into 2022, it’s clear that this iteration of the purple and gold isn’t going to go far into the postseason. Of course, it isn’t LeBron James who has to do more as he’s been doing plenty at 37 years of age. 

It’s the rest of his squad who needs to pull their act together and realize that James is still very much in his prime and can win a championship if they play complementary to him. The major aspect of a good James-led team is spacing and/or a secondary offensive creator to help take the load off ‘The King’ once in a while.

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The Lakers don’t have such personnel as Russell Westbrook hasn’t been that ‘offensive engine’ that could power a secondary unit while Anthony Davis has simply underperformed this season. 

Not to mention the fact that they have terrible spacing in the halfcourt, which was partially the reason as to why the Nets won tonight (Nets- 43 3P%; Lakers- 28 3P%) 

Michael Beasley claims the Lakers need help. 

Michael Beasley played for the Lakers in the 2018-19 season when they bolstered quite the interesting roster in LeBron’s first season in TinselTown. He hasn’t played on an NBA roster since, despite trying to make several comebacks. 

He last attempted an NBA comeback by being signed to the Portland TrailBlazers G-League squad this past summer but wasn’t called up. Now, he seems to be hinting towards wanting to return to Los Angeles by hilariously calling them out on Twitter.

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“Lakers, no disrespect, y’all need help,” said Beas on Twitter. He then also got into it with fans who claimed he wasn’t the one who could ‘save’ the purple and gold. This led to him throwing out extremely vile insults such as ‘butt nugget’ and ‘meatball’. 

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