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Lamar Odom Believes Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Will Get Back Together Before Him and Khloe

Akash Murty

Lamar Odom Believes Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Will Get Back Together Before Him and Khloe

Lamar Odom was a much bigger menace off the court than he was on it, Lakers star failed to live up to the expectations in both aspects of his life

Odom was one of those players who had the potential of becoming one of the greatest basketball players of all time but couldn’t even do justice to even half the talent and skill he had.

The Jamaican-born Lakers star spent twelve of his fourteen-year NBA career in Los Angeles, playing five of them for the Clippers and seven of them for the more famous and prestigious team across the hall.

And playing that long in LA with that huge 6’10 stature, and “$2 million smile” as described by Adidas executive Sonny Vaccaro, the man was a definite attraction for the celebrities in LA.

After helping Kobe Bryant and the Lakers win a Championship in 2009, he married Khloe Kardashian after dating her for a month. Within 4-years Khloe filed for divorce and since then, had an on-and-off relationship before finally calling it off in 2016.

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There’s still a chance that one of the hottest celebrity couples in the States back in the day, could get back on again. But there’s one other couple who Odom thinks will be back together before them.

Lamar Odom believes Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are getting back together before he and Khloe

The 2022 Big Brother contestant appeared on NFL legend, Shannon Sharpe’s podcast recently and touched on almost every aspect of his glamorous life.

When Sharpe asked him about the chances of him getting back with Khloe compared to Khole’s sister Kim and ex-husband Kanye West, the 2x NBA champ and Olympic Bronze medalist said the latter would be the first couple that gets back together.

Listen to the whole conversation here.

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He might be delusional like Kanye, but hey, never say no.

Lamar Odom could have had a very successful NBA career and a healthy personal life if not for drug addiction

Some players get spoiled a few years after making it to the NBA, some instantly. Odom was among the latter. With his killer personality, he was famous among the ladies as soon as he made it to the NBA in 1999. With that came numerous parties, and the drugs followed the suit.

By just his second year he was into drugs and whatnot. The All-Rookie First Team member did not make one All-Star appearance in his career despite having all the skills a basketball player needs.

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LO had the ability to be the second coming of Magic Johnson but failed in almost every aspect of life, unlike the Lakers’ legend who won everywhere.

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Khloe gave Odom and their relationship a lot more chances than she should have. Yet, Odom failed her by consistently getting involved in drug abuse, a couple of road accidents, and even affairs when they were married.

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