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Adele is dating LeBron James’ agent Rich Paul: How the Klutch Sports CEO has entered into relationship with ‘Hello’ hitmaker

Amulya Shekhar

Adele is dating LeBron James' agent Rich Paul: How the Klutch Sports CEO has entered into relationship with 'Hello' hitmaker

‘Hello’ hitmaker and one of the world’s most popular musicians Adele has recently entered into a relationship with Rich Paul, LeBron James’ agent.

The British singer-songwriter is easily one of the most recognizable people on the planet. She’s been under the spotlight for 15 years now, dating back to the beginning of her music career in her teenage. Unfortunately for her fans, she hasn’t released a new album in over 6 years now.

Adele was married to Simon Kronecki for at least 2 years in a relationship that lasted nearly 8 years. Their 2019 separation was amicable as they continue to raise their son Angelo James together. Adele has repeatedly stated that she’s now a full-time stay-at-home mother.

Adele has also famously lost weight over the past couple of years, changing her earlier chubby and voluptuous physique. She cites the benefits of this weight loss as therapeutic.

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Adele has found a new flame in LeBron James’ agent Rich Paul

Elle, TMZ and several other sources have confirmed the rumor that Adele is now dating Rich Paul. Paul has been LeBron James’ representative with Klutch Sports for nearly a decade and is his long-time friend.

According to comments from her publicist to these sources:

“She’s not as concerned about being private with her life because she’s very happy with Rich. [She is] enjoying learning about the sports world and meeting many of Rich’s friends. She’s going with it and is very happy.”

The pop singer got together with Rich recently. The couple was first photographed in public on 17th July. Adele’s representatives believe that she will keep this relationship a lot more open than that with her previous spouse.

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Adele’s presence in Lakers home games is quite likely to become a regular feature for the foreseeable future now. After all, they have put a true superteam together for the first time in decades alongside LeBron James.

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