“LeBron James and Anthony Davis Should Chip in for Patrick Beverley”: Skip Bayless Urges Lakers to Reimburse $268,000 to 6’2” Guard

Advait Jajodia
|Published 25/11/2022

The Los Angeles Lakers will play without Patrick Beverley for the next three games.

No, the 6-foot-2 guard hasn’t been injured or taking any time off due to load management. Because of his repetitive misconduct, the league has decided to suspend him for three games.

For those who don’t know, Beverley was the culprit of hostile action during the Lakers-Sun clash on Tuesday night. During the final period of the clash, the defensive menace decided to shove Deandre Ayton on the back, who seemed to be tauntingly standing over a fallen Austin Reaves.

Here, have a look at the play.

A few days after the incident took place, the NBA released the following statement regarding the suspension:

Los Angeles Lakers guard Patrick Beverley has been suspended three games without pay for forcefully shoving Phoenix
Suns center Deandre Ayton from behind and knocking him to the court, it was announced today by Joe Dumars, Executive Vice President, Head of Basketball Operations. The suspension was based in part on Beverley’s history of unsportsmanlike acts.

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“What Patrick Beverley did was crucial for the team”: Skip Bayless

Several personalities worldwide gave their two cents on Pat Bev’s actions. While analysts such as Stephen A Smith hated the All-Defensive team member’s altercation, Skip Bayless had other thoughts.

On the recent-most episode of “UNDISPUTED,” Bayless reacted to the suspension.

Besides defending the 34-year-old, Skip stated that the Lakers, especially LeBron James and Anthony Davis, should reimburse the money Patrick will lose. Further, the 70-year-old said:

“I do believe, if he’s gonna lose $269,000-$270,000 for being gone for 3 games, everybody should chip in starting with LeBron and Anthony because they make a lot of money… I thought what he (Patrick Beverley) did was crucial for the team. It’s like somebody should get suspended or fined if nobody did react to that. That’s where I lose touch with the NBA here.

If you take into account the circumstances that detonated this… I mean, Devin Booker is standing over poor little Austin Reaves, and then I don’t know where Ayton got it in him to walk over and stand over him. What are you doing? For what? Why?”

What do the Lakers think of Pat Bev’s actions?

According to Beverley, he only took such actions to defend his teammate.

According to sources, Austin Reaves thanked Patrick 4-5 times for having his back. Russell Westbrook also lauded his backcourt pairing, saying:

“I love it, personally. Protecting and understanding we have each other’s back is the most important thing as a team.”

Finally, coach Darvin Ham spoke about the importance of the play, about how it gave out a strong message to the remaining teams in the league.

“I am not mad at (Beverley). He is there protecting his teammate and I am sure he will have to go through some type of consequence for that but that is who we have to be. Teams have to know they just can’t push us around.”

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